New puppy, pissy, rebellious cat! Help please!?


My husband and I just got a 3 month old Mini. Schnaunzer on Wed. the 8th. We adopted out cat about almost 2 years ago. She is a 3 year old domestic short hair cat. She was very loving, not as socialable or anything, but loved attention. It was pretty much "I come to you when I want to be loved" type of thing. She was a great cat. I wasn’t the biggest cat person but I fell in love with her. Our old neighbhors had a dog and 2 cats. Wanting to see how she would react, I took her over one day; The dog was jumping on top of our cat happy and licking her, and she didn’t do a thing. She freaked out hissing and ready to claw and attack the other cats though. When she would see another stray cat outside the window, she would freak also, hissing and hissing, and then running off. When my husband deployed recently, I moved with my family while he was gone. We had a miniature dashschund who is 14. At first the dog wanted to just attack her but eventually he got along. Our cat loved him. She always ran up to him, would sniff him and try to play with him. She was with the other dog for about 6 months.

Now that we just brought the puppy home, she is pissed off. She started hissing like crazy at the puppy in the kennel when we brought him home. When we took him out and held them seperately just looking at each other, she was hissing and even started growling like a lion. When let go she just retreated to under the couch and we let her stay there, just making sure the puppy was kept away from her. She wasn’t moving at all, so we took her to out guest bedroom to see if she would calm down and see if quiet time for her would help her relax. She didn’t eat the rest of the night, nor do I believe she went to go in the litter box. The next morning when we walked in to see her she was loving with us. Still the same reaction with the puppy when we tried to introduce them again, and maybe it was a bit worse. Then at night we put them both in their kennels and put them face to face with each other so they can look. After a few minutes of that we let them out, and I was holding her on my lap. She was free to jump off if she wished, which she usually does since she hates being held or carried. I was rubbing her and petting her sofly as she just sat there. All of the sudden she just nailed her claws(no she’s not declawed) into my leg and the nail got embedded into my skin. She had never purpously clawed us or anything. She had hissed and growled us a few times before, but we just thought it was because she thought the dog was near. She has never acted like this with us at all. We’re worried she isn’t going to get along with the dog, and if we did return the dog she might stay like this. There is the worries of in the future she might get like this when we have kids.

Please, ANY help or advice would be greatly appreciated! We really would like to have a family dog, but things aren’t looking great right now.
We’ve put her in our guest bedroom with all her stuff in it so she has her space. The problem is when we take her out into our room, or put her in the living room to observe the puppy in the kitchen, she doesn’t move. Then I get worried because she won’t eat or drink, nor go to the bathroom, so I end up just taking her back into the room. When I leave the door open, she won’t come out to explore everything. She has never been hostile to us, so that worries me a lot also.

Any ideas for us to let them introduce each other, or just let her come out on her own time to get aquianted.

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    2 Responses to “New puppy, pissy, rebellious cat! Help please!?”

    1. Megy-doodle says:

      cats are territorial, so bringing a rambunctious little pup in your kitty’s house has her mad. give her some time to get used to the pup. my cat hissed and was mad when we got a puppy, but now he loves the dog. i would say give it a few weeks to a month, if she is still really mad then idk what else to tell you. she should loosen up by then though. even if she doesnt show affection toward the dog, she may still not be mad by then

    2. mandagd2003 says:

      I’m sure she just needs some time to adjust.. Make sure she has her own space to "retreat" to where the puppy can’t get to her (like up high somewhere). I wouldn’t force her to get to know the pup- cats like to do things on THEIR time.. they are particular. It has only been 2 days, it probably will take a few months until they are comfortable around each other.