Naturally Curly Food – Ice bowl


ICE BOWL 4 handfuls of flowers — borage, roses, borage, daisies, pansies, heartsease, feverfew, lavender, coriander… 1 large plastic bowl (We used 28cm diameter) 1 smaller plastic bowl — best if this has a smoothly rounded bottom (18cm) plastic bag weight – handful of coins, clean stones or similar Go on a flower hunt, and collect a range of sizes and colours. Cut them using secateurs; include a little bit of greenery. Keep most flowers whole, but a few petals floating free look good. Prepare a space for the bowl in freezer — it must be able to sit level. Half fill the bowl with cold water and add flowers, keeping back one handful. Swirl them around gently (just because it’s fun.) Place in freezer for about two to three hours, or until the edges begin to freeze. This is critical; it has to be partially unfrozen to carry out the next step but icy enough to hold the flowers in place. Remove from the freezer. Place a small bowl in the large bowl and weigh it down with coins or (inside a plastic bag) until it floats, with a little free space between it and the outer bowl. The water will rise up the sides, and the flowers should remain in place, held by the ice. Quickly sprinkle remaining flowers into the water. Return to the freezer, making sure the small bowl is well centred (you can use tape to hold it in place.) Leave 24 hours. Remove from freezer, and remove coins. Pour warm water into the small bowl to slightly melt the ice which is holding it in place and gently

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    7 Responses to “Naturally Curly Food – Ice bowl”

    1. bullpenz08 says:

      Nice ice – 10 outta 10.
      Champagne pouring – 1 outta 10.

    2. TheHunnieBunniez says:

      Awesome ice bowl Aunt 🙂 keep the good work up! 😛

    3. NaturallyCurlyFood says:

      It was 27 degrees the day we did this filming, and our ice bowl got only a bit drippy. Pays to keep in the shade though. Thanks for your comments, we love making them!

    4. avcraus says:

      It’s not the flowers that are tricky – it’s how long the ice would or rather wouldn’t last in the temp. we are not blessed with your coolness – except for I think it is June 25th from 01.00hrs to 03.00hrs.
      Seriously though, great idea and I appreciate the work you all put into the video

    5. NaturallyCurlyFood says:

      @avcraus – doesn’t have to be flowers – in theory any non-toxic item will do. Sea shells, tinsel, plastic farm animals. But you’ve got nice flowers in Queensland, I’ve seen them! To make the ice bucket we used a plastic rubbish bin from the $2 shop. The internal mould was a 2.25 litre plain soft drink bottle, weighted with 1.6kg of pebbles. Coke bottle’s no good, too curvy.

    6. avcraus says:

      bit tricky here in Queensland but love the ice bucket?

    7. MeganEMills says:

      I love it – especially the ‘matching set’!