My rat is really sick, please help! :(?


Yesterday evening my poor pet rat seemed to get really unwell, he just crashed and could barely move, he was very withdrawn and seemed to just want to sit and stare into space, his breathing was labored and he was extremely lethargic, his eyes were drooping and his fur looked mashed up, he was also sitting hunched.
I know these are some of the signs of Mico-plasma and I dealt with it as best as I could, I seperated him from his brothers to avoid further contamination and put him in a temporary cage with a heat mat and cosy towel and some sugar water and food. I expected the worst when I awoke this morning but he seemed to have perked up lots, he looks better but he’s still hiding under the towel, he’s barely eaten today but has taken some fluids. My main concern is his poop, it’s solid but it seems to have this strange gunk on it, there’s no sign of blood but it’s worrying me in case he crashes again, I don’t know what else I can do,
I can’t get to a vets as my fiance is away at work for a few days and I haven’t got the cash to get a taxi to the nearest vets which is miles away. There is no way I’m risking walking there with the poor ratty as it’s freezing and windy out. Does anyone know what the gunk on his poop is and what I can do for the next few days to help him stay comfortable and avoid him from getting seriously ill, as soon as my fiance gets back from work we are heading to the vets with him, until then I’m stuck here!
My little ratty pulled through and is now looking well and healthy again, and is back to his usual self. Thanks for the answers 🙂

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    2 Responses to “My rat is really sick, please help! :(?”

    1. Katie Albie says:

      if you have the money and if you want to you shoukd go see the vet. poor little guy 🙁
      but if you dont you know that is just a rat. if you can not take it to the vet and it does not get well, i would see if there is any medicine for it at the pet store. or you could ask one of them. if worse comes to worse, you may wanna put the little guy out of misery. but i think it was temporary.but i dunno.

    2. Chrissy Mcqueen says:

      awww im so sorry but really you should just get him to the vet right away. and make sure hes warm beacuse when i had my hamster as she was dying she got very cold.
      i hope he gets better as soon as possible! :/