My potty trained dog just pooed and peed on my bed?


I have a two year old dog that is potty trained. I get back from work today and to my suprise saw undigested grass leafs on my bed mixed with some brown (poop) on my bed. There was also urine stay around the poo What happened? How do I prevent this from happening again?

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4 Responses to “My potty trained dog just pooed and peed on my bed?”

  1. Triggo says:

    Your dog has challenged your authority as the boss or the alfa-dog in the pack (of the two of you or include any other family member(s) as well). Dogs basically and instinctively thinks in pack mentality.
    You have to let the dog know who is the boss
    He/she had to be shown what he/she did wrong and then scolded (try to growl at the dog as you show the mess. It’s probably cleaned up by now but the dog may still smell it even if you can’t) Again you have to re-insure that you are in charge. Stay mad at at the dog for an hour or two.

    This is not unusual behavior. It is easier to observe though when there are several dogs in the pack. Remember you are the leader or the alfa-dog in the pack.

  2. Bazza says:

    you clean it up and make sure you put something like carpet and room deodorizer 4 cat and dog odours i use the aristopet brand is great because if you clean it the blech or house hold cleaners it make the urine ect storger to pets and they well keep going back so thats the first thing next is take him outside be4 you go anywhere and keep a eye on him and if you see him going that get him and take him outside never if he is still going cause u have a 3 sec window and went he has it outside treat good boy ect and if you catch him doing it inside you could as use the time out room just like kids but only have them in there 4 about 30sce no more good luck hope it work let me know i on facebook as merridy austin

  3. Edward Cullen Rocks!! says:

    Don’t let your dog eat grass and leaves because it makes them sick.

  4. moondog says:

    You need to take the dog to the vet. He obviously has some intestinal problem. If it is a blockage then he may have vomited the feces along with the grass.