My new 5-year old Eng Setter ex-champion is aggressive w/ other dogs–will muzzle help socialize him?


This dog needs tons of exercise and i’d like to take him to the dog park, but the other owners are already banishing him without a muzzle. Will it help him to learn social skills by getting him used to the dog park with a muzzle and then gradually trusting him without? He came from a home with other dogs, but when he was allowed inside, he was kept isolated from them.

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    5 Responses to “My new 5-year old Eng Setter ex-champion is aggressive w/ other dogs–will muzzle help socialize him?”

    1. ragapple says:

      Unfortunatally I have SEEN agressive dogs use the muzzle as a battering ram to pummel the other dog. Now if you work on TRAINI(NG him to tolerate other dogs, the muzzle can be a safety device during the training period.

    2. dogloverrr says:

      i’ve had dogs all my life, i pick up strays on the street and introduce them to my exsisting pack. at the moment i have four dogs, at one time i was up to nine. i dont advise the muzzle, that will only make things worse. the dog will feel even more threatened than before, and unable to defend himself if need be. if you are not very familiar with dog behavior i suggest consulting with someone who is to help you, because you might cause more damage trying to deal with it yourself…..

    3. Jackie M says:

      no muzzle won’t do it he has to learn to trust you and listening to what you said, i watched dog borstal (i think that’s whats call) and the dog whisperer very good. i know someone who had a setter from pup lovely thing well was cos they had to put her down, cos one day she just started to attack dogs just like that and even a kid.
      So get him sorted by more walking dogs like yours need to work they like it

    4. fashnchck says:

      no the muzzle wont make any difference. is there a way u can train him slowly to behave around dogs? like introducing him to one dog, and watch his behavior, and show him how to behave, be friendly. and if hes ok with one dog around move your way up to two etc… but the muzzle wont make any difference, maybe keep him from barking

    5. fluffy_aliens says:

      A muzzle isn’t going to socialize him to other dogs. It may make the problem worse if he feels threatened because he won’t feel as though he is able to defend himself with a muzzle on.

      It would be better to invest in some training to help socialize him to other dogs and learn what is appropriate behaviour and what isn’t.

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