My neighbor’s dog had puppies…it’s going to be cold and rainy tonight?


They are in a kennel with their mother but it has a dirt floor and the doghouse they have doesn’t have a floor. What can be put in the doghouse as bedding? I heard baled hay harbors mange and I’m sure the mother would just chew up a blanket (she chews everything up). The pups are 3 days old.
Me too Bozema. This guy doesn’t have a clue. I swore I wasn’t getting involved with these puppies but I can’t stand to think of them wet and cold.
I’m in rural Alabama. We have no animal control or she and the dad dog would have been gone a long time ago. Our sheriff handles the animal situations and his response to everything is to shoot the dog.
I will try the tarp thing Golden Gal. He lives in a mobile home and has no garage. I would bring them over but I have 8 cats and my own dog. This is very sad. Even sadder, the dad dog (beautiful chocolate lab)was removed from the kennel and now lives on a stake and chain next to it. This is very sad and I’d love to burn this guy on a stake.
This is where the dogs live
for shame

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    17 Responses to “My neighbor’s dog had puppies…it’s going to be cold and rainy tonight?”

    1. Neev says:

      My dog lives in a kennel sort like that one. Only difference is his is 2 kennels put together the long way so he can run around and his area has some grass, his dog-loo is up on some pallets off the ground. His little dog house is full of "dog blankets" we get from Goodwill. We also keep his water bowl heated when the temp is at freezing. Oh half of the area is tarped up above him along w/ most the sides to keep out the cold air and he has a heat lamp. When it gets down in the teens around here my dogs are set… There are ways to make them comfy with out having to bring them indoors. I think this neighbor of yours lazy and needs a good kick in the ass, how sad a big dog in that little of space.

    2. SoAZ Gal says:

      The tarp is your best bet for now to protect them from the elements. Other than that, I would suggest your husband and yourself go and talk to the guy about the dogs. If the man is in a position where he can not afford the animals than offer to pay him for them and take them in yourself or have a friend foster them until the pups are a little older and you are able to find homes for them all. This is a shameful situation and you have such a big heart. I really feel bad for the animals but really feel for the decisions you have to make. Good luck with this.

    3. Christine says:

      The tarp idea is good. Why don’t you provide them with what they need? Even though they can’t be yours-you can treat them like they are! Ask the owner first and you can feed them, provide them with water, walk them, spay/neuter then, and love them. Since the guy doesn’t care I am sure he wouldn’t mind.

      Thank you for being such a great animal guardian-God bless you and I’ll pray this will work out!♥

    4. The Cat for President says:

      Are you Freakin Kidding me? No, your KILLING me! I want a dog! What did you say the address was? (wink wink) My dog will have a kennel but CERTAINLY (yes, spell chucker, I know I have capitals) won’t live there! It’s gonna spend time on it’s rug by my bed when I go night night. And following me around the house and the yard and going on hikes. What did you say the address was again? How long does it take to drive from Utah to Alabama? What’s the weather like? Should I bring my bathing suit? Y’all have crawdads? And grits!

      I am The Cat and I approvoe of this message

    5. tiny_lil_hottie says:

      i suggest straw as with blankets if they get curled up in it they can suffocate, and hay has been known to harbor mange, if it is thick enough the bottom layer will absorb the moisture and the top should stay dry, the top layer at the back of the doghouse anyway. do you know anyone who would love and care for these animals? if so they may need to "run away" with some help of course. sounds cruel but its better than being left in this situation.

    6. catz says:

      i can barely read any more of the sad stories of the conditions of the animals in your neighborhood, thank God you’re there to try to help..i would put thick layers of newspaper on the ground to help insulate the floor, and then blankets, or rags or something, who cares if she chews them up..those poor poor dogs, that breaks my heart. at least they aren’t living in filth, anyway from the looks of the pic.

    7. winterrules says:

      My sled dogs live outside all winter in Northern New England. I don’t think it will get cold enough in Alabama in October to be dangerous if some bedding is provided. Straw is better than hay. Its a better insulator and less dusty. Other bedding materials are wood shavings, hay or even wood chips. I like the tarp idea. A folded plastic tarp on the dirt floor will stop moisture from the ground. A 3-4 inch layer of straw or other bedding on top of the tarp will keep them warm. Don’t put anything over the door to keep them warm. If a dog house doesn’t have good ventilation it will get wet from condensation.

    8. ♥Golden gal♥ says:

      Oh Dear!

      Even with the straw it will get wet and hold the water. The pups can get lost in it and die! At 3 days old they really should be in a sheltered place if they are to survive at all. The dog house needs a floor! If you have one I would get a tarp and make sure it is folded in such a way as that there is no possibility of one of the pups getting into a fold. Then some hay then a very heavy blanket, like a horse blanket. Even with these things will, may get wet & a pup will get too cold and die! Hypothermia will set in very, very quickly with such young pups. Can’t he at least get the pups and mom into a garage so there is no worry about them getting wet?
      I would be furious! This is a very bad situation!

      ADD: ACK! That’s just horrible! If Loki says straw is better than I believe her. I’ve never had to use it. Use the blanket to cover the door to the dog house then. Anything to keep the cold and rain out!

    9. Sassy Shibas - R.I.P, Justin. says:

      Have you thought about calling AC to ask about neglect? With as young as those pups are, that man needs to have them somewhere warm and dry, not out in the cold and wet.

      Honestly, I would call AC explain my concerns, ask a warden to come out and look at it all. He may very well take them away (or at least force the guy to take them all inside until the puppies are old enough). Just a thought.

      Despicable morons in this world, I swear…*walks off shaking head*

      EDIT: Just read your additional details. Is there any way at all to get mom and pups to you? Does she like you? If you live in rural AL, you probably don’t have that many authorities who would care about a man bitching about his lost dog and pups. Since, when it comes to cases like this, I’m a bit of a sneaky person, I would see if you could get both her and pups out. Put them somewhere where he can’t go looking (unless of course, it would be easy to suspect you did it…).

      Good luck – poor babies…starring for Isis, she may have an idea.

    10. Zandra G says:

      I think this is a question that had to be made 1 month ago before the pupps were born…i hope they dont get a infection or eat the dirt this is sad…..what were they thinking..,,

    11. Stacey S. says:

      you need to bring to his attention they need to be inside, and if he doesnt,i would just call animal services so they can talk to him about the importance of it.

    12. patriciajean43 says:

      With cold weather coming a dog and her 3 day old pups should not be in an open pen,doghouse or not.She should be in the house or at the very least in a warm garage.I’m assuming these are just mix pups and the owner doesn’t really care.This could be viewed as neglect because of the pups age.

    13. =] says:

      get a blanket and put them under the puppies. or just ask ur neighbor if u can take in the mother and the puppies in ur house just for they’re safety

    14. Bozema says:

      Straw is actually not a bad substance and gets them up off the ground and gets less wet and cold than blankets. I have not heard about it harboring mange.

      My personal opinion is moms with pups should be inside, but there are a lot of idiots out there who haven’t got the memo.

    15. M & D says:

      I always used blankets when my dog would have pups. Try giving her a couple of chew bones and maybe a couple of chew toys in with her. Maybe she will leave the blanket alone since the pups will be laying on it. I hope this helps. Good luck.

    16. eikalynn27 says:

      When it gets cold at my house we put a wool blanket (those army type ones) in the bottom of my lab’s doghouse then put some cedar shavings in his house and randomly throughout his pen. It gives them some extra bedding and it smells nice. If you think it will be too cold your neighbor could bring the puppies and the mother inside for the night.

    17. Loki Wolfchild says:

      We have always used straw in our dog houses in the winter — much softer than hay, and far more insulating than a blanket. I’m not sure about the mange, although that may be a regional/climate thing (I’m out west, in a dry climate) — I know I have never heard of straw or hay harboring mange.

      I would definitely recommend straw over hay/blankets, if you can find a clean, reliable source. Perhaps a feed store?

      The other problem with blankets in the potential for the puppies to get tangled in them and smother.

      I agree that you should also line the floor with a tarp, to help keep it dry.

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