My dog's pad is hanging off, how can I help it heal?

My dog's pad is hanging off, how can I help it heal?


I can’t take him to the vet quite yet. I don’t exactly know what happened, but when he was playing ball in the backyard, he somehow got his bottom pad cut and now it’s bleeding all over and hanging off a little. I wrapped it, and put one of those collars around his head that prevent him from licking it. He is in his crate right now. Is there a salve I can put on it? Something I can do? Thanks!

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    5 Responses to “My dog's pad is hanging off, how can I help it heal?”

    1. Treasure; <3s BATDOG. says:

      When our dog cut her pad, we hydrogen peroxided it, apply polysporin, a guaze pad, and used the medical tape that sticks to itself. Allow the injury to air out when you can, as this is what is going to heal it the fastest. When putting the dog outside, ensure that you properly bandage the foot, use an empty bread bad or something similar if the ground is wet.

    2. Wiggle Wiggle says:

      You need to take the dog to the vets they will know how to treat/dress it properly or it could get infected and become alot worse

    3. anni puppi says:

      Put some peroxide on it if it bubble take it to a vet because it is infected but if it doesn’t put Vaseline on it and wrap its paw with cotton and mesh wrap kinda like the stuff doctors put on your arm if you break it you can find it at cvs or walgreens.

    4. Bonnie says:

      Your dog needs stitches NOW.

    5. Mahamadisapoof Mahamadisapoof says:

      Scotch tape and then put a sock on it.