My dogs pad is cut? She's in pain, what should i do?

My dogs pad is cut? She's in pain, what should i do?


My dog was just outside playing when she can in her paw was bleeding really bad and so we put pressure on it and wrapped it, she keeps bleeding through the bandage and so we have to keep wrapping it? What she we do it make it stop bleeding? It’s also not really a cut, but it’s more like she took a chunk out of her paw, she won’t stop wining and i feel really bad? What can i do to help her? Thanks

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    8 Responses to “My dogs pad is cut? She's in pain, what should i do?”

    1. Pat D says:

      You need to see a veterinarian, it may get infected and she could loose her foot. She may need stitches, she will always lick, bite at it making it infected. She may have something in her pad.

    2. Cris S says:

      She could have ripped off one of her dewclaws .
      SHe may need stitches
      If you do not clean it properly she could get infected.

    3. lovingghim says:

      Go to the vet!
      Quit wasting your time online.

    4. xcntrygal says:

      How much blood is she loosing exactly? A little? Soak her paw in warm water and put bacetration on it then wrap it again.. Not sure if safe for animals.. so call vet.
      Alot of blood? What are you doing on this computer Girl!? You’ve got a life to save!!!!!

    5. Macy says:

      You need to get you dog to a vet before it bleeds to death!

    6. Missy says:

      sounds like it’s bleeding quite badly if you have to keep changing the bandage. It is not uncommon for dogs to get cracks in their paws, and normally putting pressure on it and wrapping it will make the bleeding stop. In this case, it sounds like a more serious injury and if you don’t get to a vet, you could have a really bad infection on your hands. Infections that get in thru a wound like that can quickly get into the bloodstream and cause your dog to become very very sick and he could die.

      Get to a vet – if it’s bad enough they will put some stitches in. At a minimum, they can clean it up properly, and wrap it up, and put him on some antibiotics to help prevent any such infection.

    7. Mandy says:

      you should take her to the vet instead of online and hurry if she is loosing a lot of blood NOW!!

    8. !There is no cure for Ignorance! says:

      How bad is the cut i would actually be asking my vet this question