My dogs are killing me!!!!! Can anyone help?

My dogs are killing me!!!!! Can anyone help?


I have two dogs, one is an 8 yr old maltese and the other is a 4 month bichon. You would suspect that the puppy has been giving me the most trouble but that is not the case. Its my older one. if i had to choose four words to describe her they would be stubborn, neurotic, impatient, and completely helpless. She’s always been one of those dogs that has to have things in just the right place. If i leave a laundry basket or a box in the hallway or somewhere where it is "supposed" to be she will bark at it until i move it. She was well trained (emphasis on the word WAS) and we always considered her an extraordinarily smart dog. She really understands words very well but doesn’t necessarily follow commands. The first problem and the most annoying is her inability to drink water. We have consulted vets, groomers, trainers, other pet owners, and the internet and even considered getting a dog whisperer. This has been happening for probably three years now and we’ve kind of given up. She will walk over to her water bowl and bark and bark and bark until someone comes over and puts a hand on her back and only then will she drink. We thought maybe her collar was hitting the bowl so we removed it. We thought maybe she was afraid that something on the bookcase near the bowl would fall on her so we moved it. We thought maybe she couldn’t see the water so we dyed it, then put floaty things in it. We thought maybe she was just trying to get attention so we ignored her. She didn’t drink for 2 days and had horrible constipation. We just have no idea what do about this. Next, she wont eat. she quit eating her kibble this summer because she got bloody diarrhea so we changed her over to wet food which she hardly eats anymore. She just stands at that treat drawer and begs for cookies. Thats all she wants all the time. she will eat her food when she gets really desperate, but only when she gets really desperate. She must think we are starving her! She follows me around everywhere and with the new dog, we have had to put baby gates up all over the house, she has a fit and barks and barks and barks and barks if i have left her on one side of a gated off area until i come back or one of my family members lets her free. She has developed a habit of begging and whining to go out so when we take her out she just stands and watches the street and our cul de sac. Especially at night, she hates it when i sit down to relax and watch tv. But just cannot stand it when me and my family have a movie night and we turn the lights off. I’d say that just about every 10 minutes she’s whining to go out again. so we take her out and guess what? she stands and watches. She has also developed a fear of hardwood floors. This is completely beyond me. The only think i can think is that she is not comfortable not getting traction and is afraid of slipping but she shivers and shakes and whines. he’s ok with our wood floors and has no trouble but when we go some place else she has a panic attack. It’s so sad and we dont know what to do for her. If she’s not panicking or whining or barking then she stays in her crate all day long. so thats why we got a puppy. We thought she was lonely and sad and needed someone to play with, and it has helped but she still just sits in her crate for most of the day and only comes out and plays in the night. which leads me to my next problem: the little dog.
The little dog is so sweet and adorable and happy and stays relatively close and responds to no and so great she’s been such a joy to have in our lives. such a wonderful change from our older dog whos outlook on life is what i would discribe as "gray". But we are having potty training problems. He have had her since december 8th and have worked night and day and read books and have tried very hard. She has learned what the words "go potty" mean and will releave herself outdoors pretty close to on demand but she hasnt yet quit urinating and pooping in the house. Her peeing is pretty well undercontrol. we take her out routinely once and hour. we even set the timer and if she doesnt go then we set the timer again for 15 minutes and take her out again until she uses. but the pooping. anywhere and everywhere. ive heard it all. we use bells, training spray, cookies, lots and lots of praise. weve blocked off all carpets and tried very hard. if you have any suggestions at alli would really appreciate it.
im sorry this was so long but i figure the more info i give the easier it may be to understand why they are doing these things and how i can help. if its something we’re doing or something we’re not doing then we are prepared to try it. me and my family are at our breaking point and take into consideration all suggestions. thanks again for taking the time to help. if you got through this whole thing that i applaud you! 🙂
guys let me just clarify, i love the older dog to death. and when i hear you tell me to take her to the pound or put her down it just breaks my heart. she is just as much apart of my family as my children are and would you take them to the pound? Yes, i am so fed up with this behavior it is driving me nuts but i would rather deal with it for the rest of my life then give her away because when she is happy, she is the sweetest most well behaved dog i think there ever was, but lately, she hasn’t been happy. ultimately that’s my number one goal: to make her happy again. and all of your suggestions i have really appreciated so far, but just know that giving her up is NOT an option.

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12 Responses to “My dogs are killing me!!!!! Can anyone help?”

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  4. Sweet Adeline says:

    You claim you would no more give up this dog than give up one of your children and that makes me seriously question whether or not you are fit to be a parent. The dog is an animal, NOT a child, and your refusal to treat her like a dog and attempts to turn her into something she’s not, that is, a human, is one of the problems.

    Furthermore, you are not the only person in your family. This dog is obviously making everyone else in the family just as miserable as she’s making you. You owe it to your children to provide them as stress-free an environment as possible and you cannot do that as long as that dog is making you and them miserable. The only solution is to get rid of the dog and you know it. Mark my words: Your decision to hang on to this badly behaved monster at the expense of your children will come back to bite you in the backside one day.

  5. Adolfo Ford says:

    It didn’t take long for me to realize I had a problem trying to train my puppy. I went back to my dog’s breeder and he recommended I look at a dog training site which really helped me understand and learn correct training methods.

    Good luck.

  6. Lizzie says:

    Is your Maltese blind, or partially blind? That was my first thought. When was the last time she had a check-up? She needs one before you go any further with trying to change these problems.

    Somehow, your family allowed all of these strange habits to form. Maybe they were "cute" at first. Now you don’t know how to UNdo them. You should probably hire either a qualified, Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist (only the CAAB is the GOOD KIND) or a clicker trainer experienced in problem solving. Your vet can refer you (maybe) to a CAAB or you can Google them. You can find great clicker trainers at Either way, the professional person doesn’t "fix the dog" but works with your whole family to reteach the dog acceptable behavior.

    Another option is to re-home the dog. I would suggest trying to get her into a Maltese Rescue, as rescues try to very carefully screen potential adopters. You may have to contact more than one rescue before you find one that will take her.

  7. Rosalie says:


    OK, since you are having problems with not one, but two dogs in the same household, I would really suggest you contact the Tufts Behavior Clinic.

    My sense is that the Maltese was born neurotic, and has effectively trained you to reward her with something every time she asks – with either a touch, a door being opened, a treat, you name it – it’s ALL attention seeking, and she’s getting it.

    As for the puppy, it sounds as if you have not been able to control his world enough to prevent the eliminating in the house – the intervals at which he is taken out need to be smaller, and his feeding schedule perhaps more tightly controlled. I would probably also tether this puppy to a beltloop, so there is no opportunity for wandering off and doing bad things on the other side of the room. He needs to be under tight scrutiny, and have his feeding schedule managed properly.

    It sounds to me as if the first dog needs less attention and catering, and the second dog needs more of both. The Maltese is manipulating you into depriving the puppy of what he needs, and you are unwittingly obliging.

    Here is the contact information for the Tufts Behavior Clinic – you can ask them for help:

  8. liilemizblueeyes says:

    pooping in the house is normal for little dogs…. for me if my dog pees or poos we send him to his room (his room is the bathroom) all we say is "go to your room!) andhe is gone, towards the bathroom door, sometimes i set a timer and after soo long we let him out…. my dad works nights so i go to my moms in the mornin we check the house if he didn’t he gets a treat and we praise hime, it works pretty well cuz he looks forword to getting treats so thet makes him stat out of trouble,
    now, about your old dog, he or she (sorry don’t remember if yousaid it’s a boy or girl)
    he/she is just getting older so he/she wants more attention, trust its happened to me too, so he/she wants alot of attention,but sometime maybe he/she also just wants some alone time, you know like us humans do, it’s all totaly normal

  9. ɱẫɳ ợƒ ɱ¥şŧƹ╓ƴ says:

    Give up the dogs and get some fish.

  10. Cutie Pie says:

    whoa!!!!!!! i dont really have dogs and people maybe told you this already but why dont you ask your vet or something b/c your older dog has problems (not to be mean) maybe you should put her down she is a little old but the best thing to do is to just find a local vet or someone who knows this and your younger dog will learn trust me my cuzin had a puppy called pj and he pooped every where!!!! just about the day when we couldnt handle it anymore he learned!!!!! sometimes you just got to keep trying dont give up!

  11. Laura loves Luna! says:

    I’m sorry that I don’t have time to read this all, but don’t put your hand on her back if she is thirsty. If she is thirsty enough, she will drink, she isn’t going to dehydrate herself, now if she hasn’t drunk anything in a little over a day, that could be a problem, but I am pretty sure she won’t refuse water if she is thirsty enough.

  12. Sam D says:

    Why are you allowing this demon dog to ruin your life and the lives of family members? By your own admission, this dog has been a problem for years. Smart, you say? The only thing this dog is smart about is monopolizing your time and she has been very successful at that. You could correct her behavior by using physical discipline, but people who ask questions on this site always reject that. Another thing that might work is that every time she acts up, refuses to eat, drink water or whatever, put her outside or shut her up in the garage, or wherever — of course, she will likely bark and disturb the neighbors. The fact is, as long as you keep catering to her and trying to "help" her, the behavior will continue because she’s learned these tactics get your attention. What you should do — but probably won’t do — is take her on a one-way ride to the pound.

    As for the younger dog, it is still young and because people today refuse to use physical discipline, it takes much, much longer to house train dogs. Of course, there are dogs that are impossible to train and pee and poop in the house until their owners can’t take anymore and get rid of them.