My dog wont go outside, only on puppy pads, what can I do? She'll hold it for hours without a pad…?


Ive tried moving the pad closer to the door, then putting one outside, but she sitll wont go. We went to an all day "Weinie race" and she didnt go until we came home. My parents have 3 dachsunds, she’ll go outside with them, watch them, then come back in to the pad. Without the pad, she just goes on the carpet. Any ideas???
Its freezing outside, -4 degrees, and she only weighs 5 pounds. The vet said more than 3 minutes, her insides get too cold. Now what? Wait until summer to train her?

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6 Responses to “My dog wont go outside, only on puppy pads, what can I do? She'll hold it for hours without a pad…?”

  1. Duckie says:

    theres a product you can find at petstores that is a housebreaking aid. you put a few drops where you want puppy to go and let them smell it.

    hope it helps!

  2. lorikhasanidea says:

    Every dog is different. Patience is important. It took my bichon 6 months to come close to being potty trained. Lots of praise and staying with them outside till they go. We put bells on the door and taught her to ring them when she wanted to go out. It took a couple months for her to get the concept but well worth it. Now she dings the bells instead of sniffing out a spot or going on the potty pad. My bichon is now a year old. Don’t give up! Use more Praise than Punishment. I wouldn’t want to go outside in this weather either!!!

  3. Pearly says:

    i think u should try put ur dog outside 4 a half day and u let ur dog come back . N i think ur dog not enough acting . i hav see a book of dogs , they said the dog must let it run and shine up by the sun .

  4. Beautiful_Letdown says:

    I agree with taking away the pads completely, then she will have no choice to go outside, because those puppy pads were someones brilliant idea to make your house smell just like a port a potty and to keep your dog from learning to use the potty outside. Take them away and let her go outside as often as possible.

  5. mjstwin0405 says:

    put a pad outside and then start putting them there and taking them away before your dog looks

  6. cyanne2ak says:

    Punish her for going on the carpet, no matter what. As for the pads, just take them away. She’ll have to go sometime, so take her out every hour. When she goes, praise her. She’ll pick it up pretty quickly. Just STOP using the pads.