My dog won't eat out of his new bowl…?


We got my dog new food and water bowls for christmas, and he won’t eat out of them!…before he had the plastic kind, but they were all chewed up and we had to throw them out. so this time we got him metal ones. he won’t eat unless you hand-feed him, and i’ve even tried giving him food from my hand and gradually getting closer to the bowl, but once my hand is literally inside the bowl, he won’t take the food. He occasionally drinks water from it, but not very often…what should i do???

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    9 Responses to “My dog won't eat out of his new bowl…?”

    1. wlh563 says:

      He may just need time to adjust. Don’t know if this will work but you could put the food in his bowl and then come back later to pick it up whether or not he eats – he’ll probably eat when he’s hungry. Or maybe you could switch to another type of bowl that is made of material he can’t chew like a ceramic bowl.

    2. trusport says:

      It’s like you eating from china, then being served on a paper plate. Obviously your dog liked his old bowls, so shop for bowls similar to what he had and hopefully he will forgive you. Remember it’s not what you like, it’s what he likes.

    3. vcat_11 says:

      Try giving him another plastic bowl or get a stainless steel one which is a bit more expensive but I’ve heard it recomended for dogs. Also he probably doesn’t like it becuase he might just be a custumed to the other one. Just give him some time.

    4. Deal or No Deal says:

      put ice in his water

      and put a special treat in the middle of his dry food

    5. Lisa G says:

      Most likely it’s because they smell alien to him. he doesn’t know what it is-he thinks the food is for someone else.

    6. DogMom says:

      go back to the old bowls! he likes them better!

    7. Akarui says:

      Perhaps he doesn’t like the way the metal feels against his nose. Maybe the metal is cold to him.
      Also, maybe the dish is too deep for his snout to get into. When we tried to get my dog to eat out of dog bowls he wouldn’t do it because his nose just would not reach the bottom of the bowl.

    8. graciegoogle2005 says:

      he just needs more time let him adjust.

    9. yasmin a says:

      First you can try taking his bowl and not putting food in it but treats in it. Make it a good thing for the dog and give him lots of praise.Keep doing that until the dog gets used to it.Next dont try food yet.Mix food and treats together, and imediatly praise.After awile your dog will get used to eating out of it.Then start using food and continue praising him.

      -Good Luck, Yasmin