My dog won’t eat! How do I help him?

My dog won’t eat! How do I help him?


I give him Iams dry food but he never seems to want it. I give him a 4th of a cup in the morning and another one at night (at dinner time). Usually, he doesn’t even eat the food from the morning. He is an 8 pound maltese 1.5 years old. How can I get him to eat? I can feel most of the bones in his body. He is extremely healthy, he gets his exercise regularly and seems to have a lot of energy. I’m just worried that he doesn’t eat. Does anyone else have this problem? And how should I fix it? He eats anytime he wants (free feeder)
I don’t know why but he loves cat food! He’ll skip his food and run right over to Sox’s (my cat) food.
I went to the pet store about an hour ago and I got a bunch of free samples of dog food and he loves the wellness dog food loves it! YAY!!!

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    5 Responses to “My dog won’t eat! How do I help him?”

    1. Fields of Gold says:

      Some dogs just don’t like dry food. Try soaking it in hot water to let the flavour come out and let it cool. He may find this more palatable.
      You could sprinkle some grated cheese on top to tickle his tastebuds or add some sardines in olive oil to his meal. These are excellent for his coat.

      It’s not a good idea to let him eat the cat’s food. Put the cat’s meal somewhere where your dog cannot get to it. If he doesn’t fill himself up with that he will most probably eat his own food.

      You could always try another food. Iams is not the greatest. If you do change his food do it very gradually by mixing a small amount in with the old food then slowly phase out the old food over a period of two weeks.

      Good luck with him.

    2. t.rivers1988 says:

      Have you ever fed your dog people food? If so it will be hard getting him to eat dog food. I gave my dog people food and now he wont eat his dog food unless he’s really hungry. So to satisfy the both of us, I mix his dog food with my leftover bones.

    3. squirley c says:

      hmm free feeding is what i do ,the heat has alot to do with it ,i dont really grasp how u can feel all the bones but is extermley healthy ,might want to check it out at the vet might just b a bad tooth that is buggin him as well ,,

    4. gman says:

      Maybe he doesn’t like his dog food

      You should try buying him some different dog food

    5. Adam says:

      don’t give dogs IAM!!! they are very bad..they have meat by-products which are very bad for dogs! don’t buy food from any supermarkets..always get it at your local petstores such as petco, petpeople, petsmart, etc. i feed my dogs WELLNESS and they absolutely love it (1 and a half yorkshire terrier, and 4 month labrador puppy)

      they will eat up all the wellness trust me!! i fed my yorkshire terrier iams before long before i got my labrador..and i found out that dog food you buy from supermarkets are bad for them..i switched to wellness and she loves it…

      also was your maltese eating wet food? maybe you need to mix wet food and dry food..and eventually it will start eating just dry food.
      do you feed your cat wet food? maybe tahts why your maltese eats it…

      hope this works out!