My dog won't climb stairs?

My dog won't climb stairs?


Last week my Yorkie was walking downstairs and somehow he tripped and fell down about 4 stairs. He cried and cried so we immediatley took him to the vet. She felt him over and said he was alright, nothing broken, he was just scared. It was so traumatizing for him he won’t go downstairs anymore. People keep telling me to leave him upstairs and ignore him until he comes on his own. I feel kind of mean doing that but should I anyway? Should I try and encourage him to or would it be better to continue carrying him and let him get over it in time?

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    3 Responses to “My dog won't climb stairs?”

    1. dawn says:

      I would not leave him upstairs let him get over it,he may not though. my dog will not go down one set of stairs that has no carpeting on them,he has always been scared and still is to this day. i would just carry him.

    2. Chelsea says:

      I would suggest bribing him with food but just for time being carry him.

    3. Faith Love says:

      carry her…dont leave her up the stairs crying
      most toy dogs naturally hate going up and down the stairs cause their scared…and its no bother doin it……just pick them up and carry them down EASY!!

      or get a dog slide!!!…lol