My dog won't climb stairs anymore?

My dog won't climb stairs anymore?


I own a small female york shire terrier who just turned 6 and for some reason she refuses to climb stairs anymore. I’d think that she would be scared of the stairs but she had no problem doing it before. It started out with her climbing stairs and then stopping in the middle of the staircase and not moving until i picked her up. after a couple months of that she just suddenly stopped. I’ve been walking her through the staircase now step by step for 3 weeks and nothings changed. Except now she might think that she needs me to climb stairs now :(. Any advice?

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    1. Roxanne D says:

      what i did was take a toy or treat and walk up the stairs like two or three steps. Then if he doesn’t come up lay it down on the ground and pretend that you are eating it and then lay on the stairs or sit and he might come up. Then go down with him (that will be good for him). Then do that a few more times. My daughter did that with our dog down the back porch steps. Hope this helps!

    2. typewithnospaces says:

      Does it look like the dog has cataracts? Or other vision issues… she may not be able to see depth or like other said it could be arthritis – try putting a bit of knox (like knox gelatin – made from bones) in her food.

    3. lcmwest58 says:

      My dog has a spinal disorder, and she has had two back surgeries. The first time she ruptured a disc, she did not want to climb stairs. Since they can’t talk to us, we have to watch our pets for unusual behavior to help us know there may be something wrong. Please take your dog to the vet!

    4. Anita R says:

      At 6 years old, she probably has arthritis. When my pekingese stopped trying to jump on the couch, that’s what the problem was.
      Your vet can give her meds for it.

    5. goingtocalifornia says:

      take her to the vet- she may be overweight & the weight could be hurting her joints. we took my dog to the vet for his leg problem & it turned out he did have extra weight which was putting pressure on his joints making it difficult for him to jump or climb. your vet should give you a once-a-day tablet/pill/treat/thing that should help your pet out. hope i helped. 🙂
      oh & this video i made should help you learn how to exercise your dog if she is in fact overweight!

    6. Bonzie12 says:

      She may be having problems with arthritis or pain in her rear legs and it hurts her after awhile. Take her into the vet and have him check her for any disc or arthritis problems in her legs or back.

    7. Bethany R says:

      possibly arthritis

    8. runnercaiti1 says:

      She might have arthritis or be in pain somehow- I would take her to the vet.

    9. [K9Nurse] - Go Steelers! says:

      It sounds like she’s painful, and that’s why she’s avoiding the stairs. She may be developing arthritis in her back or joints – make an appointment with your vet; x-rays are likely in order.