My dog wees in my other other dogs bowl…how do i make him stop?!?


Hello… My 1 year old male pom keeps weeing(peeing) in my 10year old girl chow’s food or water bowl as soon as she has finished eating/drinking. he only does a small few drops and only if the food bowl is empty! we leave our back door open all the time and he goes out for all big wees. hes also marking her bag of royal canin but doesnt do it on his own bag(we obviously dont feed them the same food).
Even if hes done a massive piss, if she is in the garden weeing, he will run out and wee on top whilst shes doing her business!!!
I realise this is dominance issue. I asked my vet and he said there isnt much he can do, i should lift up the girls bowl as soon as she has finished eating, spray repelent etc ive done all that and well he just wees in the spot where the bowl was!
the girl won’t eat if the pom’s not there, so i cant feed them seperately! its so annoying!lol but i am in love with my dogs, please dont make any mean comments! HOW CAN I MAKE HIM STOP,PLEASE??? Thank you! x
P.S. The Chow has been spayed 9 1/2 years ago, but the Pom isn’t neutered bcos he’s got a heart defect and vet told us he can’t be put under anaesthetic bcos the risk would be too great! I wish he was neutered! 🙁
oh yes, i have rubbed his face in it and told him no, tapped his rump etc…. he KNOWS he’s not allowed bcos as soon as i see it and say "WHAT IT THIS??" he sort of croutches and moves his face away and closes his eyes and cries, but at the next opportunity – he wees again!!!!!!!!
also, when he wees outside i praise him like mad and give him treats! and he loves it and knows what hes supposed to do!

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    3 Responses to “My dog wees in my other other dogs bowl…how do i make him stop?!?”

    1. JaimeB says:

      I’ve just recently found myself in your situation and am trying to come up with an answer myself. But, one thing I’m going to try is dominance. When you’re dogs are done eating wait to see if he starts to advance then step in his path. Don’t let him get to the other dogs bowl, its your bowl now. When he saunters off you can relax. It may take a while because he sounds a little determined, but its worth a shot. Its the first thing I’m gonna try.
      I hope that helps, good luck.

    2. McB says:

      Rub his face in it.

    3. Sebastien says:

      cant give an answer to this but I saw the last post and I had to say, DO NOT rub his face in it. all teaches a dog is that WHAT it did is bad (i.e. peeing at all), it doesn’t teach it that WHERE it did it is bad, which is what it needs to learn.

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