My dog uses a doggie door now but im moving?

My dog uses a doggie door now but im moving?


My maltese currently uses a doggie door and goes out when she wants. I am moving and the place that I am moving to doesnt have one. Any tip on training to let her out and feeding schedule?
The owner of the condo wont let me install a dog door. That is why I need help with what to do.

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    5 Responses to “My dog uses a doggie door now but im moving?”

    1. Amira B says:

      I like the personality of a maltese. They are so sweet.

    2. minni says:

      get another one.

    3. Cav lover says:

      If she is more than one year, take her out every three to four hours. I’d think about installing another one though

    4. queenbeebeemarie says:

      Just install another one

    5. aedegard says:

      If you feed her once a day and make sure she eats it all then there is a better chance to get her on a regular bathroom schedule. also she should be accustom to going to the door itself to go to the bathroom even though there is no doggie door.