My dog seems to have forgotten his wee-wee pad training OUT OF NOWHERE?


I have a 1 year, 3 month old male maltese. He has been going on his wee-wee pads for over a year, 99.9% without fail. He also "goes" outside, when I take him for walks, which I think is great. About a week and a half ago, he just started peeing and pooping ALL OVER the house. It’s literally like I have another dog in front of me. I havent been able to scold him because I havent caught him in the act. I’ll just wake up to a big puddle of pee or come home and see poop all over my bedroom. It’s extremely frustrating because I spent so many sleepless nights training him to pee ONLY on the wee wee pad. I cant JUST train him to go outside because I am at work about 10 hours a day and I know he cant hold it in that long, which is why I wee-wee pad trained him in the first place.
ANY HELP?!?! I am going nuts, I feel like I am living in my dog’s toilet bowl!

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    2 Responses to “My dog seems to have forgotten his wee-wee pad training OUT OF NOWHERE?”

    1. lkg813 says:

      You should take him to a vet for a checkup. There’s a good chance he has a bladder infection, or something else wrong and this is the only way he can "tell" you. have you changed anything in his environment? Anything like a new person or pet in the house, or changing the laundry detergent may be upsetting him. I hope he gets better!

    2. krennao says:

      Training is for the rest of the dogs life, I suggest you start over praise for good behavior, if your dog is going to the bathroom all over the place he does not respect you and is showing dominance It can be things that have happened over time, that you became the omega. Examples are , letting the dog walk out of the door before you, feeding him before you eat. Sounds like you leave food out and have no schedule feedings.

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