my dog seems to have a sore pad on his foot.?


any ideas on how to treat short of going to the vet right away? i did put some peroxide on it. any ideas are helpful. thank you.

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    5 Responses to “my dog seems to have a sore pad on his foot.?”

    1. Savannah says:

      I would say he might have stepped on something or someone stepped on his paw, and you weren’t aware of it at the time!Wait a couple days and see how feels and walks then if it is steal bothering him then it is time to call the vet!

    2. Nicole B says:

      My dog just recently cut her paw pad. And everyone on here told me to rush her to the vet. Well I didn’t and I just kept washing it out with peroxide and put neosporin on it. And the cut is healing up great. I would just keep doing what your doing by putting peroxide on his paw. And it should heal up.

    3. I <3 horses!! says:

      try putting alot of bacon grease on it(after it has turned hard from being in the fridge and wrapping it with medical tape and gauze. i no it is groz but it works w/ my dog. if that doesn’t work try Vaseline or lotion. those also work really well.

    4. Leslie says:

      The peroxide should help, be sure there is nothing stuck in between the pads…or in the pad…just keep putting the peroxide on it….it helps w/the pain.

    5. *doxie moxie* says:

      Did you look for anything that could be stuck in the pad? Sometimes they tend to step on a piece of glass or something that they keep walking on that makes it sore. Try wrapping it up in something, or call a 24 hour vet. Dont go there but call for advice.