My dog scratched my leather couch……?


Any suggestions for something I can put on it, or do to "fix" the scratch or make it less noticeable… the couch is black if that helps in any way….

I had this question up in the Dog section too… and it seemed that people were thinking it was an actual RIP… but luckily it’s just a scratch… but a bunch of them in one spot and its very noticeable… i was thinking more along the lines of some kind of oil? or I dunno… but people were mentioning glue and im not sure that that is right for this…

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    2 Responses to “My dog scratched my leather couch……?”

    1. eskie lover says:

      I have 2 peskie eskies that scratch the leather wingback chair my hubby sits in when they want to be pet. I use a cream shoe polish in the burgandy color of the chair to hide where their nails scraped off the color. I don’t like the wax based ones mainly because the wax melts with body heat and will transfer the color to clothing and skin. Once I fill in the scratch, I also use a spray by Guardsman that puts a shine back on the scratched area as well as setting the color in with a protective coating. You can get most of these products at discounters, shoe repairs and even some grocery stores.

    2. Judy B says:

      This is not a cleaning problem.

      If these scratches are just on the surface you can use Easy Colour to colour them over and smooth them down. If the scratches are deeper and teh leather has been raised then you need some pigment colour to restore these but you can do these yourself.

      Look at this link for details on how to do these repairs:

      Leather repair consultants