My dog poops under my daughter bed. How can i train him to stop!!!?

My dog poops under my daughter bed. How can i train him to stop!!!?


I have a 1 yr. old dog. His owners before let him poop inside, they never punished him for it. Than I got him from there kids, they did not allow it but he did not stop. He does it under just one bed. How do i stop this??

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    11 Responses to “My dog poops under my daughter bed. How can i train him to stop!!!?”

    1. junkdodge says:

      Use a crate to help you get through your housebreaking.

    2. Alexius M says:

      yell at him say no and close the door

    3. KiKi says:

      Start with block all mean to access under the bed.
      Do the proper potty train, like take him outside after meal, praise him when he does it right, etc.

    4. Fred C. Dobbs says:

      Place upside down mouse traps under the bed. Better yet, house train your dog.

    5. jameika d says:

      Well all you got to do is, take him tio a training class.

    6. Misa M says:

      *********Never, ever rub a dog’s nose in a potty mistake!*******
      Remember that punishing a dog for making the wrong potty choice will not train the dog. Those previous owners just didn’t watch the dog carefully – and they may have punished him, which of course will make a dog hide away to defecate. Keep your dog leashed to you and keep in mind the times at which he’ll need to go:
      first thing in the a.m.
      after eating
      after waking from a nap
      after playtime
      before bedtime

      Make a schedule and be consistent. If every member of your family helps, so much the better. Reward your dog instantly with amazing treats (chicken, cheese, steak, etc) when he potties outside, and follow the directions here:

    7. Rexydoberman says:

      Is he a small dog? Many small dogs have a hard time potty training, they are just small so they can sneak away to places and before you realize it, it’s too late. Since this seems to be his favorite spot, for now I would just prevent access to the bed. don’t give him opportunities to have accidents, for each time he can go poop inside, it reinforces its OK. Just make sure to take him out to do his business every 3 hours or so and praise him allot when he does it correctly outdoors.

    8. Little Man says:

      put him outside and you don’t have to worry about it

    9. kaneisha b says:

      rub his nose in it

    10. helo pilot cfi heavy lift says:

      try walking him /her out before bed time have patience and spend time helping correct a bad habit or simply cage it at night

    11. Anne says:

      Hi there,
      I had a friend who had a mature pup as well that did this and she blocked the bedroom off from the pup and put the pup on a more consistent potty Schedule and it really seemed to help
      But…. soon as the pup was allowed back into the bedroom it would revert into the same negative behavior so their was something a memory or a scent that triggered this pup to drop a deuce under that single bed as she has 2 children who shared a room and it would only go under the one bed
      So I would recommend you keeping this area closed off from your pup as I don’t think it is going to stop if the previous owners allowed it to happen
      Good Luck To you and Happy Holidays To All
      Respectfully Yours