My dog peed on my bed what can I do?


Lately my dog has gotten into the habit of climbing onto my bed and going potty on it. Just a few minutes ago he climbed on there and he peed! He did not do this when I first brought him home with me. I take him out whenever he has to go but he doesn’t go instead he waits to get back into my room to go potty. He is 5 months old now why is he developing this type of behavior?
Is it expensive to neuter a dog?

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10 Responses to “My dog peed on my bed what can I do?”

  1. jerryandashley says:

    Actually they have this spray that you can get from like petsmart. Anywhere you spray it, your animals will not go to the bathroom there. So, if you spray it all over the house or just on your bed…your animals wont pee there.

  2. fetchdog says:

    don’t let him on the bed

  3. says:

    keep him out side or just shut ur door to ur room and have the back door open so he can go when he needs to

  4. trianglears says:

    This is, more than likely, behavioral and keeping your pup out of the bedroom is a step in the right direction. If you can vary your morning /evening routine to keep puppy near the door for longer periods of time so that quick and easy access to the outside potty is more readily available might also be helpful. The vet is right: neutering very well could help solve the problem!

  5. LousBabyGirl says:

    NEUTER HIM!!!!! He is marking his territory.. my boston terrier did this… and now he dos’nt…

  6. Susan A says:

    Pee on his bed and see how he likes it. Uh…..just in case I have to tell you, I’m just kidding.

  7. odylicast says:

    you either have major dominance issues with your dog. That why he peed where you sleep. him doing it all the time isn’t good. Also a dog once they go somewher ein house will tend to go in the same place again and again unless you get the scent totally out of that place which is hard with mattress. You need to keep your bedroom door shut. I wouldn’t have allowed my dog in there affter they did once personally. Keep the door shut and owkr on establishing your self as pack leader.

  8. cutie says:

    It is probably just a stage for him. Whenever he does pee on your bed, you should just scold him or leave him outside for a while. It worked with my dog, I don’t know about yours though.

  9. Laura says:

    It’s probably a behavioural problem with him marking his territory. Neutering may help, but shut him out of your room.

  10. country_girl says:

    hahaha,,,well this isnt so funny, its a bad and annoying habit,,and it is a behavior porblem,,,
    shut him out of your room
    has your schedule changed ?? think about what has changed,even in the slightest way ?
    get a crate, and after he has been outside,bring him in and put him in the crate
    look up crate training on the net or ask your vet for information on it

    it is a definant behavior issue,, i had a 9 month old dog that did this once,,,and i shut him out, but the minute i came home from work and opened the door he would get on the bed and pee…
    through evaluation and a vet exam i found that he was very healthy, but very upset because my schedule had changed and instead of me being home all the time, i was working full time – he was doing this as a protest to me not being home.
    animals are funny, and we take forgrated the fact that our schedule changes or changes in the home affect them as well….