My dog likes to drink water off the floor outside…


even though the water bowl may be right next to him, he continues to drink dirty water outside. Honestly, I know that it’s not a bad thing, but it bothers me because we just recently moved into an old home that previously had a dog that left its feces everywhere [I can even see remains of roundworms in it, and it’s gross.] So, is there a way for me to get him to drink from his water bowl, and not the floor?

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    14 Responses to “My dog likes to drink water off the floor outside…”

    1. J K says:

      I know it’s gross, we have some of the same problems.

      Our dog get’s table scraps all the time, organic dog food, and fresh water, but still feels the need to drink from the toilet (what’s unappealing about it to a dog–it’s the right height, fresh {usually}, cold, and in a clean, white bowl). But that’s not all. She eats poop, any bugs she can catch, ashes from the woodstove, bits of wood that come off the firewood, dirt, sand, and more. AND she picks crabapples, wild strawberries and has even mastered pulling raspberries off the bush without eating any of the stem. She’s a glutton, and’ll eat anything that’s nearby. We’ve tried to break her of some of these habits, but with no luck. Fortunately, she has the immune system of.. well, I don’t know. Anyway, she rarely throws up (but when she does, she cleans that up too). So consider yourself lucky, and don’t worry unless your dog is getting sick.

    2. Townie says:

      I used pepper to stop my dog from digging in a certain spot in the yard. You have to reapply after it rains though.
      Watching and discipline is probably the best way though.
      This is something you want to take care of because they will drink antifreeze if it’s on the floor because it smells/tastes good. Antifreeze is a poison and will kill.

    3. Nishchal A says:

      yes my friend
      i had the same problem ,,,but i resolved it.
      firstly..i am sure u r not cleaning his bowl with soap everyday…well that is one point…
      secondly…fill his bowl full of water and just put 3 spoons of milk…just in oder to change the colour to white….in this way he will get used drink from his bowl…and slowly u reduce the milk spoons to one spoon …..
      But cleanniness is very important…make a knot of this thing
      all the best

    4. Jenne says:

      My cat does that exact same thing. at first I thought it had something to do with the coldness of the ground outside, but now I think it’s tied up more with primal instincts. Can you clean up the dirty water outside so that the worms have gone? You might have to pour some vinegar or something foul-tasting into the water if you can to discourage the dog.

    5. Karenmurph says:


      Just as long as it isn’t poison he will be fine. When you think about it, dogs sniff each others backside’s, faeces, wee and eat their own vomit. They are not as hygienic as us mortals, but he will be fine. It is probably just a phase, as it is a new house and new smells.

    6. burtonage says:

      Be strict with him when he starts drinking that bad water. Dogs respond to strictness and learn from punishment. I am not saying beat him, but just show him that its not the water to drink. It’s for his own good 😉

    7. fear of falling says:

      put some kind of weird flavoring in it for a while and then stop and he should be used to it by then

    8. save-a-life says:

      Not much help here. All I can suggest is try to make sure you empty out any nasty water when you take him out to eliminate. My dog does that too, sometimes.

    9. Guy08 says:

      Well the reason why he may be drinking the water off the floor is because it is cold. Maybe if you made the water in his bowl colder he may drink out of it. Try adding ice cubes into it, that’s what i do and my dogs love drinking out of there cold water bowl now.


    10. Mrs Wilkins says:

      put his water inside so that he has to drink it out of the bowl and put a towel under the bowl so that anything that sloshes out will be absorbed

    11. dude says:

      Give him a bowl in the shape of a toilet.

    12. fade2black says:

      get the water off the floor from where he is drinking it,
      Problem Solved.

    13. baker456123 says:

      that is ok as long as it is not green!

    14. JMP says:

      try a shallow cooking sheet like the ones you use to cook cookies on.