My dog keeps jumping on the door to go outside?


And I’ll take her out but then she won’t poop! I know she has to, she hasn’t all day, and I don’t even think she did yesterday! So now I’ve been telling her no when she jumps on the door because I want her to learn that when I take her out she goes or she’ll have to wait a long time. Any suggestions?
She gets distracted when I take her outside, all she’s concerned about is looking for squirrels, she isn’t thinking about pottying.

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    15 Responses to “My dog keeps jumping on the door to go outside?”

    1. Ella says:

      Sometimes my dog does this too. Once I figured out that she used the same technique to tell me she wanted to go outside and play as well as go potty I picked a spot in the backyard for her to potty. Now when she has to go I take her there and she goes right away no matter what time. When I just open up the door to let her out she plays even if she has to go or she sniffs forever to find the "perfect" spot. Pick a spot for your dog it works!

    2. Alex says:

      maybe you need to take her out more

    3. jenneeann says:

      One of my dogs, she is a golden retriever, plays this game too. I am pretty sure that she only wants to go outside to play or she is bored. It is pretty annoying. Keep an eye on her in case she is having trouble going to the bathroom, if that is the case take her to the vets.

    4. theresagerber says:

      You just need to out wait her and do not tell her no when she jumps on the door ever or you may regret it later. If you have to put her on a leash until she goes and let her know you have a treat for her and praise when she goes, a lot of times if you get excited by playing with her in a high pitch voice she will have to go sooner.

    5. misstraceyrick says:

      your additional answer said it all – – – she’s not looking to go outside for a poo, she’s after the bleedin tree rats ha ha ha! My dogs do the same and have me climbing the bloody walls some days because i’ll get up and open the door thinking ‘ my boy’s are the best! ‘ and they run round like loon’s chasing anything that moves!!! You can’t keep her in nor can you teach her that she’s only outside to do one thing – poo! – so do what i do – – if i know for a fact that they’ve been out for a poo and a couple of wee’s, when they ask to go out too often ( often when they’re bored i find! ) i say no in a firm voice and they slink off and play with their toy’s or each other! Try it and see what happens, works for me – good luck.

    6. mcc says:

      wait until she is NOT jumping on the door and put the leash on and take her for a 30 min walk. She may not be getting enough exercise.

    7. animal_care101 says:

      Well, since she is distracted you should get her to get used to those distractions. Take her out to the dog paRK or walk her longer.

    8. Tim C says:

      hmm. ther is a various amount of reasons this could be. Personally i think she might be constapated or ate something that backed up her system. I would try to leave her out a little longer and watch to see if she goes. If she continues to not be able to go to the bathroom then you should look into taking her to the vet.

    9. cutebubbles says:

      you should probably take her to the vet if she isn’t pooping.

    10. BekahBrootality says:

      take her out on a leish, and when she goes to get distracted, pull her away and get her focus back on what shes doing. or just walk her in circles.

      also she could be constipated, and needs to go to the toilet but cant. but next time she needs to go, take her out. but stay out there for about minutes. and see if she is struggling to go to the toilet or not

    11. Cole32 says:

      Has she been eating normally? acting normally. if she hasn’t pooped since yesterday and she doesn’t pass again today, I would definatly have it checked out on Monday.

    12. arkpudel says:

      Be patient! Don’t tell her no for trying to let you know she wants/needs out, because then you are confusing her. Go out with her, and wait her out. She will eventually go. Of, if you are crate training her. Bring her in, put her in a crate for 5-10 minutes then try again. But, scolding her for alerting you she needs to go out will only tell her that you don’t want her to tell you, not that she needs to potty outside, not play.

    13. chrrykissesmk says:

      1) shes probably constipated and its important that she goes to the bathroom. Try giving her a tiny bit of milk.
      2) if your only letting her out for like 5 minutes its not going to work…dogs need to find the perfect spot to go.
      3) if your dog needs to go out you have to take her out. Thats one of the responsibilities of being a dog owner. She’ll mess on your floor if you dont.

      Just watch her and make sure shes eating and drinking…if shes dehydrated it makes it hard for her to poop

    14. ...ジme says:

      put her on a leash when you take her out and give her a command. If she does not go within a reasonable amount of time take her back inside wait a little while then try again. Leave the leash on her so if she goes in the house you can grab her leash and correct her on time. when she goes outside with the command give her a reward.

    15. care_bear_baby1 says:

      Keep her out longer, eventually she’ll go.

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