My dog keeps falling down, and falling down the stairs?


He’s old and has arthritis what do you think I could do to help him ):? He’s a good boy too he eats and plays everything is fine except he has trouble with climbing up the stairs and he falls down a lot.

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    6 Responses to “My dog keeps falling down, and falling down the stairs?”

    1. phalange says:

      Kirsten you need to make sure that he cant fall down the stairs. Its your job as his owner to keep him safe, to make sure he doesnt get hurt. You cant help it if he falls on flat ground but its your fault if he falls down the stairs. Maybe put a barrier at the stairs so he cant get up or down until someone lifts him up. Give him a break, hes an old man who still thinks hes a puppy

    2. Liam Smith says:

      You should ask a vet about this, try out this site – – the site offers professional veterinarian’s advice and you get feedback regarding your concern in 5-15minutes.

    3. ladystang says:

      keep off stairs
      vet check

    4. Emma says:

      i agree baby gates. and if he sleeps with you upstairs then just carry him. bless him 🙂

    5. Z says:

      Baby gates at the top and bottom of the stairs.

    6. sisu says:

      GlycoFlex III is available online without a prescription.
      It takes 4-8 weeks to see an improvement.
      Rimadyl is available from the vet.
      It takes a few hours to a few days to see an improvement.
      A heating pad set on low may make him more comfortable.
      Cold weather often makes arthritis symptoms worse.
      Many dogs with arthritis can no longer go up and down
      stairs or jump on furniture.

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