My dog just got her tail shut in the door, can anyone help please?


My chihuahua dog just got her tail jammed in the door, and it closed all the way for about 2 seconds. She doesn’t seem to be crying or anything, only at first for a second or two, and she sits on it and that doesn’t bother her. Our vets office is closed and the nearest one is about 50 miles further, should we take her in case something is really bad, or should we let it go?

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    12 Responses to “My dog just got her tail shut in the door, can anyone help please?”

    1. Zach C says:

      It depends. If you dont see anything wrong and if you touch it and it doesnt bother her she should be fine till morning. If you touch it and she yelps take her to the vet. I would take her no matter what though because she might have nerve damage.

    2. wvugal82 says:

      If she’s not complaining she is probably fine. Try touching her tail to see how tender it is. If she let’s you do that chances are she is just fine.

    3. fun.notnuts says:

      I think everyone here is right on the money. If the dog seems happy, sits on the tail, wags it when you offer a treat, there is no bent part and no blood, I suggest it will be very sore but that’s all. The idea to gently bend it etc was a good one.
      These are all things the vet will consider or do.
      If there is no swelling or any significant change tomorrow, I’d say don’t go to the vet because they will want to xray it. What would they do if it were broken? Splint it? I doubt it. I think your sweet little darling will be fine. I’d freak too 🙂

    4. blatantly opinionated says:

      "She doesn’t seem to be crying or anything, only at first for a second or two, and she sits on it and that doesn’t bother her."..

      Sounds like she’s fine.

    5. *-ժгօառﻨռց_รէﻪг-* says:

      If it’s not bothering her, I’d just say let it go.

      If by tomorrow it gets worse, then you may want to call a vetrinary office and see what they say.
      But, otherwise, I would just let it go.

    6. exceintell says:

      I think she will be fine until morning. She is not crying and she is using it normally so I would call in the morning and just keep an eye on her tonight. I would also see if she still had feeling in her tail, maybe touching the tip and see if she responds

    7. ~Leah Breezy~ says:

      Well it doesn’t seem as if she is bother that it got shut in the door,and she seems not to care,so I would wait till your vet opens,then have her tail checked.=] If it was bothering her she would have yelped really loud,and you would have either seen blood,or her tail bent showing it was broken,and she would have licked it and not sat on it,so she is just fine,but take her just in case she has a miner little bone breakage. Poor little thing,and good luck!=]

    8. Millicent says:

      OMG! This is a hard one. I know me… I would run straight to the vet because I would be so scared the dog is really hurt. My husband would be level headed and tell me the dog is fine and it just hurt a little bit and the dog will live thru the night in time to make it to the vet tomorrow.

      If the tail looks good and can still be wagged it is probably not broken. Look at the skin and make sure its not broken. Maybe his poor tail will just be bruised.

    9. haleser3 says:

      awwwww! poor dog! i think she will be okay. if she starts chewing or licking at it then you might want to make a trip to the vet

    10. ∞CHAO§ Gigalomaniax∞ says:

      Yeah you should cause you’re dog likely has nerve damage. The longer you wait the worse it will get.

    11. love my mutt says:

      She should be fine till morning then take her to the vet.

    12. JenVT says:

      If she was hurt, she would be crying. I am sure your dog is fine.