My dog is way 2 hyper…..pleazzz help…..=((((?


Ok…I have a lil’ 11 wk. old cocker spaniel….she is really cute…but she is annoying….whenever she makes a mess in the floor or an accident I put her in her kennel…. she cries 4ever….(I don’t let her out though)….and when people come over or whenever I take her out of her kennel….she goes nuts….!@!…even when I’m home with my mom on a regular basis she is still to overly excited and wants a lot of attention but we don’t want to give her to much….how can I solve this prob….pleazzzz help….=(((((….!@!….

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    7 Responses to “My dog is way 2 hyper…..pleazzz help…..=((((?”

    1. Fancys_Mamma says:

      she needs a trainer

    2. linda s says:

      You really do need to educate yourself on training. First and foremost you never use a crate for punishment. Secondly it is your responsibility to observe your puppy and learn to read the signs that will indicate when she needs to go to the bathroom. Once you have learnt this – then you can teach her to go outside. There has been an out cry about crate abuse and this is a good example of why. A crate is suppose to represent a "den". A safe place where a canine can go to eat and sleep. Locking a dog in a crate for punishment defeats that purpose. As for being overly excited – aside from the fact that she is a puppy …. it sounds like she is not getting enough exercise. Check out on the internet what advice canine traniners are giving on good training techniques and what consists of healthy exercises. And perhaps you should question why she craves attention and why you don’t want to give her … too much?? She is at an age where you can not only teach her so much but where you can learn alot. But you have to be willing to give her your time, attention and efforts.
      Enroll in a training class, go out on many walks, play with her and enjoy her company.

    3. Angel says:

      she wants to play

    4. basketball r says:

      he or she is only hyper cuz he or she loves u nad wants 2 play w/ u

    5. Candy Girl says:

      try to train her up or put her out for some time so she can run cocker spaniels are always like that give her about half the day to play outside cocker spaniels are not good house dogs untill they grown up and then calm down

    6. carly baby says:

      hehe i have that problem

      they say in about 2 years
      theyll start to calm down
      only im on month 6.

    7. vic and cher says:

      first of all she is a puppy and will grow out of it second it needs fixed or spaided

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