My dog is water obsessed. What should I do?!?

My dog is water obsessed. What should I do?!?


He’s a golden retriever puppy, and we have a swimming pool.
He thrashes around in the water ALL day, and we’re a bit worried about the chlorine getting to him. He drinks a lot out of it as well. He splashed around in his water bowl, and basically sticks his paws in every bit of water he can find.

All in all, I want to know if the chlorine or the water will harm him.
Should we stop his behaviour?

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7 Responses to “My dog is water obsessed. What should I do?!?”

  1. Leslie says:

    There is nothing you can do about it. They are very water oriented….they were bred to work in water…it is their love….no harm…just let him swim. Had a trainer tell me Goldens were the best for retrieving people trapped in water situations…soft mouth, strong swimmers, and very obedient.
    Excuse me but do we not have chlorine in our drinking water…..I sure hope so, or we would be drinking sewage.

  2. inthemidstofangels says:

    Nothing wrong with your dog having a little fun. The water can dry his skin out and you dont want him to drink too much chlorine water. Remember you are the the boss…so whatever you think is best enforce that!!!

  3. Loki my springer! says:

    Most puppies tend to have obsession’s with interesting things such as water. There isn’t really anything you can do to stop this but there are many different options and things you can do to make it safe.

    The swimming pool incident should be fine there’s not much to worry about there, though I would make sure that any chemicals are way out of his puppy dog reach. Chlorine in all should be fine. We swim in it, we even drink it. If you let him swim make sure you are later using good quality shampoo to strengthen his coat again.

  4. Love is a shelter dog says:

    Diluted chlorine should not harm your dog. Make sure you keep the chemical bottles of his reach. You should let your vet know what chemicals are in your pool and ask him/her if they could harm your dog in the amounts he is drinking.

  5. Riverrat715 says:

    I don’t think it will hurt him any more than it hurts you. As long as he is having fun and is not shaking his water all over the house I wouldn’t worry about it. Some dogs just like to play in water.

  6. what can I do says:

    don’t let him near the pool anymore, to much of water on him will dry out his skin. chlorine wont hurt because we drink it, its in our water. If he plays in his water bowl, take it away. But give him it only for drinking, every 1 or 2 hours give him a drink and take it away after he’s done. That should help.

  7. Twisted says:

    I’ve never had a problem with any of my dogs in chlorine water. If your worried about it you can go organic with pool chemicals.

    But as with everything, keep an eye on him. If he scratches a lot it may be drying his skin out. Highly doubtful though.

    Happy swimming…..