My dog is jumping on the kitchen counters?


What is the best way to stop this behavior when absent? The kitchen is where we keep him when we are gone and at night. Right now, there is NOTHING on any of my counters. I’d like to be able to put my toaster back 🙂 I don’t really need alternative suggestions. He barks all night in the kennel, and we have NO other room where he can go. Really, we don’t. My husband runs with him every night, so it’s not that he’s not exercising.

I have heard of pads to put on the counters, but have never seen them – all I hear is people saying they exist. I have never heard an actual testimony from someone who has had success with them.

He is a dane/pointer, so he can reach the entire span of our counters, and lately, he will grab anything that is left there. Last night he had an accident and I cleaned it up (when my husband noticed it at 4:30 on his way to work), forgot my cleaner on the counter (I was very tired) and this morning the bottle was on the floor with a hole – it was vinegar, so it didn’t hurt him, and he didn’t do more than that one hole, but I’d like this to stop happening. From time to time the kitchen is going to have SOMETHING on the counters.

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3 Responses to “My dog is jumping on the kitchen counters?”

  1. Jessie says:

    If he is still counter surfing, you can’t allow him access to counters when you are absent.

    Every single time that he counter-surfs, he is getting a reward. Every time he gets a reward, he is encouraged to keep performing the behavior.

    SO, you give him NO opportunity to ‘rehearse’ this unwanted behavior when you can’t be there to use it as a training opportunity. Every time he gets way with it, it becomes harder to break!

    Set him up when you are home. Put something tasty where he’ll smell it on the counter and then correct him if he tries for it. This should be the entire extent of his counter-surfing attempts. You’re also going to want to work HARD on the LEAVE IT command.

    But it is QUITE important that you prevent dogs from opportunities to rehearse undesirable behaviors when you can’t use them as training opportunities. I don’t know why people fail to understand this. Every time he performs the undesirable behavior–be it counter-surfing, jumping up, nipping, window-barking, eliminating in the house–whatever! –he’s self-rewarded for it, making it FAR MORE DIFFICULT TO BREAK!

    Preventing opportunities to rehearse undesirable behaviors when you can’t use them as training opportunities really is at least half the battle in all training.

  2. False Impression says:

    – Crate training your dog.
    Whenever you’re absent just put her in there.
    Make it a happy place, a place where rewards are received; feed her in there, give her treats in there, etc.
    She’ll want to spend more time her her crate, than on the counters.
    – Also try using a spray bottle (make sure its the direct spray, rather than mist).
    1 spray is enough, and firmly (not screaming) say "No".

    There’s also a thing you can get that sprays automatically.
    I haven’t seen them in a while, but its the same technique as the spray bottle- only when it sensors something in its path it sprays.

  3. Samantha Farrugia says:

    maybe the dog is possessed?