My dog is always chewing his pads on his paws does anyone know why?


i checked my dogs paws while i was trimming the hair around his pads and saw (his pads are all black) pink and this looked like it was under the black..why is he chewing it?

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    9 Responses to “My dog is always chewing his pads on his paws does anyone know why?”

    1. Anama says:

      Is he chewing it for sure, or was the hair protecting the pad and now it is all pink from it?
      If he is chewing his feet, then think "allergies"
      If it is pink simply because he had fur on his pads then do not worry about it, they simply need to "toughen up".

    2. lmvfx says:

      My dog does the same thing.

      It’s usually a food allergy. This is very common with dogs who eat chicken, turkey, beef & pork as these products have been over used in pet food.

      If you can, try him on meats that aren’t found in regular pet foods, such as buffalo, duck or fish.

    3. cc64 says:

      well for some dogs thats normal but it can become a bad habbit try talkin to your vet because it can become serious
      your vet might have to put a cone around your dogs head so he can stop the habbit

    4. saveourworld says:

      it might be allergies, my neighbors dog chews his paws till he whines. you might want to go see the vet

    5. AJ says:

      Maybe he has something stuck in it and you cant see it. or maybe it itches

    6. PEACE! says:

      could be allergies … or pesticides .. on lawn … grass … our dog was doing the same thing …. take to vet they do have pills u slip into his food depending on what the allergy is……

    7. HealedEagle says:

      They probably itch. You could take him to the vet for a checkup, it wouldn’t hurt.

    8. christina says:

      he wants some chewing gum, try wrigleys

    9. Susan T says:

      My dog had allergies. She used to "chew" her claws. You might take him to the vet and see if that might be the issue.