My dog is afraid of his food bowl?


I got my pom when he was a pup. He’s 4 now and in the past couple of months he scared to eat out of his food bowl. He’ll slowly walk up to it and quickly grab some food and back off right away. His water bowl is the same and he has no problems with that. They are like a heavy plastic from Pet Smart. I went and bought stainless steel, still afraid. I tried plastic, still afraid. I even tried one of my good plates, that didn’t even work. I have to put the food directly on the floor. Any Suggestions?

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11 Responses to “My dog is afraid of his food bowl?”

  1. Chihuahua Lover says:

    Sounds like your doggy might have some anxiety. Try sitting next to your dog while they eat. Re-assure them and tell them it’s ok and affirm they are doing something good. Maybe even gently pet your dog for a few seconds while they start to eat, as long as they don’t get to territorial around the food dish and try to snap.

    I don’t recommend hand feeding, as they may expect that every time.

    You could also try feeding your dog from a clean area of the floor or use something flat instead of a plate or bowl. Something like a place mat.

  2. S says:

    Sounds like it is not the bowl and much as the experience. I agree with the post that says you will need to sit on the floor and hand feed him until he trusts you implicitely. Then and only then add the bowl into the picture, slowly, then closer, this will take time, but eventually, you should be able to show him the food, place it in the bowl and he will approach with no problems.

  3. pittiekisses says:

    Did anything happen to him involving his bowls? Did he knock one over one time? Did someone drop one? You’d be surprised what will trigger fear.

    Maybe he’s not actually afraid of the bowl at all. Maybe he’s quickly grabbing a bit to eat and backing off because he’s afraid someone will take it away from him. He could be guarding that little bit of food in his mouth at that moment. Have you noticed him obsessing over his food like that? Like someone’s going to steal it?

    It could also be that he just doesn’t like eating out of a container. Some dogs don’t. One of my cats does a similar thing. He takes a mouthful of food from the bowl, spits it onto the floor, then eats it a piece at a time off the floor.

    If he doesn’t like the plastic bowl, and he doesn’t like the metal bowl….have you tried a ceramic bowl? He might have the same reaction, but its worth a try.

  4. *Glamorous* says:

    LOL thats funny. Something or someone might have scared him from eating from the food bowl. did u change the type of food? or the bowl?maybe thats the problem.

  5. nick says:

    Hmm…Not too sure. Maybe you should try consulting by a dog professional.

  6. chris says:

    what krystal said, he probbably fliped his bowl over and scared himself. just give it time and he will be fine.

  7. Spencer says:

    My dogs do that and I can’t understand it. No suggestions

  8. wellef says:

    make your dog wear the bowl as a hat

  9. BillyChiz says:

    different food mabye

  10. Krystal says:

    LMFAO that’s hilarious, something must have happened to scare him, like it pinched him, or flipped over and scared him. hmm… i don’t know what you should do.. maybe ask your vet, or ask someone at petsmart

  11. Lindsey J says:

    this will take a lot of time until your dogs gets used to it, but sit you dog next to you and bring the bowl along, then hand feed him his food out from the bowl. so he will be next to the bowl eating out of your hand. he will get used to it