THIS IS WHAT I GOT WHEN I LEFT MY 2 SPY CAMS RECORDING AT NIGHT AFTER WE WENT TO BED!! (PLEASE NOTE – LIGHTS ARE LEFT ON JUST SO THE CAM(S) COULD SEE WHAT WAS GOING ON! HOPE YOU LIKE, SUBSCRIBE!! Every night my dog waits for everyone to go to bed and them helps him self on the sofa/couch when he knows that he is “NOT ALLOWED” but does so anyway. He then gets down when he hears people coming down stairs for a drink or something he then hides in his basket in the kitchen. But you can tell he had been there because it’s warm!

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One Response to “MY DOG IS A SNEAKY BASTARD!!”

  1. RobWillieJesse says:

    You have taught him well… he’s not allowed on the sofa while there are people in the room. Next you should set up the spy cam in your kitchen, I’ll bet after you go to bed he probably helps himself to the fridge and does a fry up. Take care – Rob

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