my dog hurt his front leg getting off the couch can i give hime something for the pain?


can i give him asprin and if i can how much hes a 14lb poodle

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10 Responses to “my dog hurt his front leg getting off the couch can i give hime something for the pain?”

  1. boxmaker40 says:

    NOOOOOOOOOO! Please don’t give your
    dog any medication. Nothing unless it comes from your vet. It may cause the dog
    to become ill or die. Never use our meds on pets. An advil can kill a dog.

  2. Neesie says:

    Dogs can be given aspirin, but please don’t do it before checking with your vet for the correct dose. Do not give tylenol or ibuprofen, period. If your vet’s not open call an emergency clinic or vet on call and ask first about the aspirin.

  3. David P says:


    I do not advise giving your dog human medicine unless you have been advised by a vet before.

    If the poodle is in pain, I strongly suggest that you get him to a vet else it could be suffering in silence.

    My beagle tail got slammed by the door once and though it did not seem to be in pain but it is now a bit crooked and I regretted not taking him to the vet sooner.

    Take care.


  4. b_bardi99 says:

    Bufferin:sold in pharmacies, for humans.

  5. michele h says:

    Do not give your dog aspirin,as it can be toxic.Just monitor him for a bit.Is he whining?Is it swollen?If it swells do like you would do if it was you.If he favors it call a vet.

  6. MOMMY_ME says:

    yes aspirin should help,but watch out,give him very little,may be like 1/8 of a tablet

  7. luckynumber7 says:

    no!!!…’s not safe….call your vet and make an appointment if your dog hurt its leg

  8. Jackie says:

    My cousins Pomeranian did the same thing but only she broke her front leg so I highly suggest going to a vet as soon as you can. For now, make sure the dog is not walking on it too much

  9. ☼Hello Sunshine☼ says:

    NO. Never administer *any* human medications to your dog without the explicit direction of your vet.

    Just try to keep him relaxed, don’t let him run around as long as his leg is still hurting. If it still hurts him tomorrow, then take him to the vet.

    If your dog is crying out in pain and the injury looks serious (ie. broken leg), then you need to take him to the vet tonight if you can, or first thing in the morning at the very latest.

  10. jennifer_kirts says:

    I am a vet tech………yes you can give your poodle a asprin but you have to take that pill and break it in half…you can only give him a half of a pill every 6 hours…….