My dog has paw pads that are separating? What do I do?


My dog’s paw pads are literally separating and splitting. Is this common and how can I fix it? (He is a large dog, Rhodesian Ridgeback)

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5 Responses to “My dog has paw pads that are separating? What do I do?”

  1. HAHAHA. says:

    my dog had that to i put some doggy shoes on him and the vet gave me some kind of ointment to put on them you should take him to the vet

  2. Tino says:

    lotion. and tape them up. for a while check them daily. keep him off hard serfaces.

    Like the others said. Go to the VET.

  3. Sherri M says:

    Keep him off the hot scorching pavement, roads etc. Take him to a pet doctor called veterinarian.

  4. RT(R) says:

    take him to the vet. put some padded doggy shoes on him. Dont walk him on concrete or rough surfaces. Put lotion on it. take him to the vet!

  5. Goldengal says:

    Your dogs pads are really dry and are now cracking. I’d take him to your vets for help with this if they are that bad or use some Bag Balm to help them heal and get softer. Don’t walk your dog on hot roads or cement for a while they the pads heal..