my dog has got like a blister on his pad?

my dog has got like a blister on his pad?


I took him for a run and after we came back he was limping and i got worried , so i checked all of his paws and he has like a little blisters or a not to deep cut and it obviously hurts him because he limps,
could anyone help or suggest anything that could help him ??
Much appreiciated

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    3 Responses to “my dog has got like a blister on his pad?”

    1. YMRNR says:

      It happens to my dog if I take her running with the bike, nothing you can do, it’s sore, he’ll probably lick it a lot but over the couple of days it’ll heal. Just don’t jog with the dog for a few days, limit his exercise to walks.

    2. Ashlee says:

      Take him to the vet, Could get infected. Try wraping it

    3. Alisha says:

      That’s happened to my dog before, the center pads on both of his front feet peeled completely off. There’s not much you can do- my dog just licked his feet a lot and was walking fine in like 3-4 days. If they bleed or anything you’ll want to clean it with antibacterial soap and try to keep him inside so they don’t get infected. But as long as they’re just blisters, he’ll be okay, most dogs heal fast.