My dog hangs out under the bed. How can I convince him its a lame place to be?


How do I get my dog to stop going under the bed without bording up the bed so he can’t get under? He’s a full grown golden retriever. its hell for him to get under there and out of there. So he stays under there all day. I know he cant like it. It’s like he thinks its his dog house.

Please help?

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    18 Responses to “My dog hangs out under the bed. How can I convince him its a lame place to be?”

    1. >^*samoyed ty*^< says:

      lol you stay under there then he will KNOW its lame 😛


    2. mac says:

      Do you have a crate for him? Because he’s doing it for "security"–it’s his secure place– a little too secure since he can’t fit in there easily—if you dont want to crate him, let him sleep with you on the bed—he’d be a fool not to take you up on that offer……….

    3. Cass says:

      Dog’s ancestors are wolves, and wolves live in dens. It is just natural for a dog to like being in a place that is like a den.

      You could try getting him a dog house or a kennel to go into instead of under the bed. I just got my dog a big cardboard box and she loves it.

    4. Dani says:

      You might want to get him a crate or create another place for him to feel secure. They have indoor doghouses too. It sounds like he likes it just fine.

    5. ahhhhh says:

      Dogs often repeat doing things because they think that is a SAFE, and a GOOD thing to do…
      if you don’t want your dog under your bed, you have to give him a bad memory of him being under the bed, so he’ll never go in there again..
      once your dog feels as if being under the bed isn’t a safe thing to do, he won’t repeat it ever again.

    6. DP says:

      Have you taken him to the vet to make sure there is nothing wrong with him??
      Get him his own dog crate, maybe he’ll quit hiding under the bed.

    7. Mickie K says:

      If he didn’t like it he wouldn’t go there. He wouldn’t put hiimself through hell if he didn’t. Take him outside, throw a ball, go for a walk, do something fun so he can see that there is more to life than under the bed.

    8. Ssanna says:

      Dogs love to be in a space where the roof is kinda close to them, it provides more security or something.

      Do you have any "inside doggy house"? My dogs have a couple of fabric padded houses to go in & they love them (although I’ve never seen them in a large enough size for that type of dog)

    9. sparkle motion says:

      dogs are descendants of wolves, so sometimes they like cave-like areas to sleep in. try buying him a kennel to sleep in.

    10. bebop_music says:

      your dog is seeking comfort and solitude. why not buy him a dog crate and make it cosy with dog bedding and his toys? in no time, he will prefer it as an alternative spot….

    11. that one guy says:

      Could be a nice secure place where he feels safe to sleep. If you really want him to find another place, you will probably have to start putting some boxes under there for awhile until he finds somewhere else to be comfy. If you lay out a blanket in the corner of your room he may lay there since he cannot get under the bed.

    12. Jenn says:

      My Chihuahua does this too. Its where she takes things that she is not supposed to have.. I always find an abundance of ripped tissues under there as she will tear them up then eat them (not sure why)..
      She knows I cna get under there which is why I think she likes to go under my bed. Perhaps your dog is the same and goes under your bed when it has been naughty or wants to be left alone..

    13. Onyx Ninja says:

      Get what they call a "scat mat" and place it under the bed.

    14. 'lil peanut says:

      Have you yourself gotten under the bed. Maybe it is not so lame a place to be after all. Maybe he is hiding from something or someone or maybe it comforts him.

    15. <3 says:

      put that lemony stuff that they sell so dogs don’t eat your plants under your bed.
      (it smells good to humans)

    16. Luv2dance says:

      my dog does this too….the best thing to do is just leave it they feel safe under the bed because it is a closed spacec and it is warm

    17. bk7794 says:

      say i got a condy or a treat

    18. 007chick says:

      he probably got use 2 a small space so try moving the bed in a different position and move stuff infront of it tht way he will stop and get him like something 2 ocuppy his time an mind away from his old spot

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