My dog cant jump up on my bed or on me without crying in pain, it just started recently. What should I do?

My dog cant jump up on my bed or on me without crying in pain, it just started recently. What should I do?


I have to lift him up so he can get on my bed and he won’t put his 2 front paws on me so I can pet him. I don’t know what’s wrong with him.
He’s not even 3 years old, it just started. Does anyone know a price range of how much it would cost to take him to the vet? Or what I should do for him until I can take him to get seen? Should I give him pain relievers or something?
Also he is not over weight. FYI I am not a bad owner…I just know theres a lot of things that can be "treated" at home or things that go away within a few days. I was just curious as to whether or not anyone has heard of this or not and if there was a way to do this at home instead of making a trip to the vet.

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22 Responses to “My dog cant jump up on my bed or on me without crying in pain, it just started recently. What should I do?”

  1. animalsrme says:

    I would take him to the vet and get him properly diagnosed and treated. Good Luck.

  2. dingy0bama0brat says:

    Dog is not even 3 years??? Do you or do you not have a vet that this daog has been seeing for things such as immunizations & rabies shots, etc…?

    If you don”t, then SHAME ON YOU

    If you do, then call this vet & ask the vet these questions instead of yahoo answers

    You mention frotn paws & not back legs…. this could be knees, it could be spine, it could be withers…. only a vet & Xrays is going to be a conculsive answer

    Bless this poor baby’s little heart…… please take him to the vet & get him some help

  3. LeighAnn D says:

    You need to call a local vet, usually they will work out a payment plan for you , one that you can afford. Please hurry and take your poor little doggy to the vet.For now until you can get into the vet you can give your dog an asprin for the pain any vet will tell you that’s o.k. Good luck and let us know how your dog is doing.

  4. jen2006mama says:

    try dog stairs

    your dog might have just sprained himself from jumping on the bed so much… try to keep him from doing anything straining for a while till the pain goes away… then get him dog stairs so its easy to go in and out of the bed!

  5. Megan g says:

    It will prob cost about 70 $ to get him checked out. DONT give him pain killers…. only give him somethings prescribed by your vet.

  6. KB says:

    It’ll be about $45 for a consultation with the vet. please take him NOW as this could be a serious problem that could be fatal if you don’t check it out. for a young dog, this could be a twisted intestine, or some other organ damage or problem. It might be very easy to sort out, but you HAVE TO GO TO A VET.

  7. Barak says:

    ummmmm…take the dog to the vet…makes sense, right!!

  8. xoxmissjxox says:

    Try feeling around his body and see where he cries when you touch him. It’ll give you an idea of WHERE he is in pain. Then take him to the doctor if he doesn’t go away.

  9. mgt says:

    the easyest question ever just take him to the vet.

  10. mei-lin says:

    sounds like a back problem to me. Take him to the vet.

  11. bumbum says:

    It may just be arthritis or a sore muscle but I would take him to the vet. You didn’t mention how old the dog was. I had a pomeranian and when he was very old he got that way and would cry trying to get up or down and even if I picked him up. He’s obviously in pain so call the vet as soon as you can and let them look him over. If you can’t get an appt. for a few days, ask the vet if there is anyhting you can give him or do to make him comfortable,like a fresh warm blanket if it’s arthritis. Good luck.

  12. zzhoundzz says:

    If your dog is older,,it may be arthritis.Do you think its his bones?It would be best to see a vet.If it is arthritis,,buffered aspirin with food will be good for the dog but it has to be dispensed according to your dogs body weight.And this is a reminder to all,,cats cannot have aspirin,,it is toxic to them.Good Luck.

  13. claudiavarble says:

    i have this problem with my dog, hes 12 yrs old now. what i did because hes so heavy is i made him a bed right next to mine. hes gotten used to it now , i think by having to help them up sort of makes them feel useless. they do like to be our protecters after all. so this allows him to keep his dignity.

  14. mickey g says:

    sounds like what happened to my dog. she tore the ligiments in BOTH knees and had to have pins put in. it was from jumping off the bed and couch all her life (and being about 15-20lbs over weight). you’re going to need to get her x-rayed. we only found out something was wrong when she didnt want to come upstairs anymore.

  15. Scotsman says:

    Sorry to hear that. You should take your pet to the VET immediately.

  16. cipher says:

    Take him to the vet. Doggie rthritis may be setting in.

  17. john b says:

    Take your dog to the vet.

  18. gueraariana says:

    ooohh..poor dog take him to the vet so he can
    see wats wrong with him..if he’s a bit old
    that is probably why..though..good luck!

  19. Sophist says:

    Why are you asking us in Yahoo! Answers, instead of taking your dog to the vet?!?

  20. cheech11681 says:


  21. verons_girl says:

    erm vets goddddddddd

  22. dann212003 says:

    More than likely he has hip dysplasia, if he is a large breed dog it is very common. You need to take him to the vet and they can prescribe medications like Rimadyl & Cosequin, also diet can help. But you really need to get him to a vet.