My dog bit some 14 year old kid at the park yesterday. Now they want to take him from me please help?


So I was walking my dog at the park. I moved out the sidewalk to the grass when I seen 2 kids coming so they can walk by. The kid gets real close to my dog and my dog jumps and takes a bite at his leg. My dog had a hold of his leg for about a minute once I seen he only had a hold of his pants I yanked him back. My dog ripped his pants right off. Then the kid throws him self on the floor. My dog gets anxious so I take him home. About 10 mins later the animal control truck pulls up and wants to look at my dog. He then asks for his proof of rabies shot I go inside I cant find it so he basically gives me 24hrs to get proof. I went to my vets office and they cant find my dog on file?? So now its going to be 24hrs at 6pm. They want to take him in for a 10 day quarantine if he doesnt have proof of rabies shot. My dog is only good with strangers/visiters if am there if am not he goes nuts. A month ago I went on a trip so I had my brother look out after him. He was trying to attack my brother, he wouldnt even eat the food my brother gave him how mad he was. So my brother put him in a kennel/cage my dog ripped off 3 nails trying to get out. I had to go home early from my trip. he never does that when he’s around me or my family who lives in my household, he is 3 1/2 years old and never shown signs of aggression with us other then bark at strangers like any dog would. Ive had him since he was 7 weeks old.Now am so scared they will want to put him to sleep because he is too aggresive for them. I know there prepared there dog catchers or whatever but he is going to give them more problems then the average dog would. For a fact he’s going to go nuts and try to attack him when he trys to touch/hold/walk him or come in contact with him. He is a big dog he’s a 67 pound Pitbull Terrier. Will they put him to sleep if they see or think he’s aggressive??? Lots of dogs are insecure around strangers and will do this not just pits for all the pit bashers. Do you think they will put him to sleep if they cant control him or think he’s vicious?? Please help me if anyone has ever gone through this email me at

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    1. cami o says:

      you should be put to sleep

    2. Single Worker 1230 says:

      In most states if a dog bites a person it must be quarantined for 10 days. If you have proof of rabies and it is current, the quarantine can be done at the owner’s home. The dog cannot be off the premises during the quarantine. However if you do not have proof of current rabies than the dog has to be quarantined at a facility like a vet’s office or animal control. The owner is required to pay for the quarantine. Sometimes the owner will be allowed to visit the dog but not take the dog out of the kennel. Again this depends on the facility. If the dog is deemed aggressive he can be euthanized during or after the quarantine. So you really need to hope that your vet can find your dog’s proof of current rabies if you have had the vaccination done. If not sounds like you maybe screwed as far as quarantine requirements are concerned. I hope the best for you and your dog.

    3. Eva says:

      He sounds mean. You need to get a NEW dog.

    4. shawn says:

      First mistake is taking your dog to a public park ,, even if you think he would never hurt anyone! Dogs only react they don’t think things out nor worry about any repercussions! Your next mistake was to not console the child, and offer any help .. and your best bet would have been to pull out your cell phone and call his parents! Running home without doing this makes things look way worse! Even when something bad happens your best off to handle it than run home like nothing happen.. I think you would be sitting in a much better situation if you would have handled this different.. As for shot records.. your vet Has to keep record of them.. if they have lost them ask them for a written letter saying so ..! Also ask if you can have them preform a rabies test/

    5. jamie says:

      To be honest. Depending on what the kids parents want the dog could be euthanized..
      But since the dog didnt break the skin it most likely wont be, Its a 50, 50 chance. Do you know how big B.S.L. is in your area? (Breed Specific Legislation) They are the people that target "aggressive" dogs and will try to euthanize them. If BSL is low, theres a greater chance of your dog not being put down.
      And for everyone that says its her fault or its the dogs fault and the dog should be put to sleep SHUT IT. I mean seriously? Your heartless. What if this was YOUR dog??? Also it has nothing to do with training and all that, the dog was trying to protect its owner, any loyal dog would!
      And good luck with your pit.

    6. Joseph says:

      hang on

    7. msag says:

      The english in this questions indicates lack of education. Which is why pitbulls have a bad reputation. Uneducated cruel people think they’re cool and can make money off breeding them. Of course they don’t socialize them and take them to the vet for shots/spay/neuter much less love them and help them be happy lovable and social pets to everybody.

      He’s being taken away for quarantine. You obviously haven’t gotten his shots which is YOUR responsiblity as a pet owner. Rabies is a horrible lethal illness, you put everybody in your community at risk by not taking care of a basic shot.

      The childs parents will likely have a big part in what happens to the dog. They can request action be taken against him. I’m sure you’ll be cited for the incident and may have to go to court to defend yourself.

      You dog relies on you as grown human with superior intellectually capacity to take care of of all vet care, socialize and love him. Obviously your lack in the intellectual capacity.

      It’s so sad the pets have to pay the brutal price of stupid people. ARGH!! 🙁

    8. fwipper says:

      I think you are VERY lucky that the kid was 14 and not 4yrs old. Your dog is a dangerous dog (hard to hear when they are your babies) but that is the honest truth. You must put the safety of others first, and sadly I think your dog needs to be put down. You have a lot of denial about your dogs behaviour, but he is a timebomb now – just be so grateful that he didn’t bite the face off a small child that looked at him in a way he didn’t like.

      Dogs under the age of 2yrs – 3.5yrs often don’t show much aggression, it is something that develops with age as they grow and become more and more dominant. Under the age of 2yrs they are still puppies and are more submissive but as they become fully grown adults they are more ambitious with becoming more dominant. You have to accept that your dog is now a very dangerous animal – don’t wait until he proves this to you by severely injuring a small child or even someone in your own family. He has given you many warnings when your brother looked after him but you ignored them – and now he has attacked a member of the public.

      I think you will find that most responsible people, regardless of the breed of their dog, will put their dogs down if they even showed half the aggressiveness of your dog.

      However it happens so much more often with Pitbulls – I know three people in the last 6 mths that have had to put down their pitbulls because of aggression issues, all around the 2-3 yr age, with very similar stories to yours (although they took notice of the signs earlier so it didn’t escalate to biting a member of the public!). That is not to say that there aren’t nice pitbulls out there – but unfortunately yours is no longer one of them.

      Think yourself very lucky that it wasn’t worse. I am not sure where you live but there have been cases of people keeping dangerous dogs who ignored signs of severe aggression, and were aware there dogs were a danger to others, being sent to jail when there dogs finally snapped and savaged someone.

      It is sad to have to say goodbye to a dog who has been a friend to you, but unfortunately he really needs to be put to sleep. Be the bigger person, show some responsibility and don’t make them get a court order to do it. Your dog would likely appreciate you taking him with dignity, and saying goodbye rather than having strangers take him.

    9. ♪Majestik moose© ★micro prong★ says:

      sounds like your man biter SHOULD be put to sleep.

    10. Mary says:

      They will not put him to sleep. Request that they notify you if they plan to do anything, including but not limited to giving him a rabies shot, euthanizing him, giving him to a shelter, or anything else. You do need to submit to the quarantine. It’s normal if you can’t provide proof of rabies. Get the shot again and proudly present the certificate. You should be fine. Don’t worry, they are very careful to not let the dogs escape and are pros at dealing with aggressive dogs.

    11. rescue member says:

      This is not what you want to hear – but your situation helps explain why pits have such a bad reputation.

      You have an untrained, aggressive, fear biter here – and you can’t find his rabies vaccination on top of that. Your complete lack of judgement, irresponsible behavior, and your seeming unwillingness to see that you have a very dangerous dog, make you a terrible owner for this dog.

      He needs socialization, training, most of all an owner who sees reality and makes damn sure that the dog’s vaccinations are utd (sounds as if you "think" you may have proof of rabies vacc. but that’s another wishful thinking "maybe" on your part that you are blaming on someone else)- along with all the excuses you are making for the fact that your dog BITES people.

      You do realize that there is almost no hope for this poor animal, thanks to you. Nobody is going to take on a biter and if he is confiscated (quite likely since you can’t even find proof of his mythical rabies vaccinations) he will almost certainly be euthanized.

      I have never had a pit, but they are pretty popular in my rural area. They are often used for dog fighting and it’s a constant battle to stop that horror, but then you get owners like you who — knowing the reputation, social training needs and obvious vaccination needs – of this breed, go and ignore it all, rationalizing that your dog is o.k. when he’s with you and everybody he ever bites was asking for it.

      Wake up — I hope this poor animal gets another chance, I really do, but you need to wake up, face the facts, get that dog to a trainer, or work with him with a good trainer, get him up to date on vaccinations, resolve this issue with the latest biting incident (I am very sure there were others you gloss over), and get that dog to be a good companion – and yourself a decent dog owner.

      This is sad and sorry – for the dog mostly. You have no sense of responsibility even now – just trying to find excuses for your lack of responsibility to this poor dog. He will likely pay for it with his life sooner than later. I just hope he doesn’t maim or kill someone before that.

    12. Dogmatic Training Rocks!! says:

      Honestly, I"m not a pit basher I happen to like them but feel that that particular breed as with other more dominant breeds are not for everyone and that includes you. I’m sorry but NOT all dogs that are trained and properly socialized are scared of strangers, mine isn’t. My dog doesn’t try to rip the pants off of strangers as they pass by and doesn’t try to eat or attack my family members.

      Your dog IS aggressive whether you want to admit it or not, if no one outside of you can handle him safely then you need to face facts and agree that the dog is aggressive.

      As for the quarantine, WHY DOES YOUR VET NOT HAVE A RECORD OF YOUR DOG? It honestly sounds like this dog has never seen a vet, nor has he ever gotten the shots he requires. YES they can and will euthanize your dog if he shows signs of rabies while quarantined. This can be done at animal control or you can quarantine for 10 days at your vets AT YOUR EXPENSE. They will not keep him in a crate they will keep him in a large kennel, he should be fine in a kennel. Now, if you can find a proof of a recent rabies vaccination then at animal controls discretion they can allow you to quarantine your animal at your house which means he goes no where for 10 days.

      The only time a dog is aggressive is if you have not properly trained and socialized your dog which it sounds like you haven’t, it sounds like this dog is too much for you to handle as you are inexperienced and dilusional if you do not think your dog has aggression issues, he needs to wear a muzzle while he is on walks with you and needs to be properly trained by someone who knows how to handle an aggressive breed.

      If this were my dog I’d be searching my house from top to bottom looking for my rabies tag, but then again, mine is on my dogs collar where it belongs and my vet, doesn’t lose my dogs vet records, and my dog is licensed with Animal Control as per city ordinance. Admit it, you never got this dog vaccinated did you?

    13. aussiegenes says:

      A minute is a LONG time for a dog to hold on and not release. This isn’t just a "get out of my face" nip. It’s a serious bite. Thankfully he got a mouthful of pant leg instead of skin. If you get him back, let this be a loud wakeup call that he needs behavioral intervention and quick. Next time you might not be so lucky.

    14. estridga says:

      They aren’t wanting to put your animal under a 10 day quarantine to test for further aggression, they just need to be sure it isn’t carrying rabies. The only reason the animal will be euthanized is if it shows signs of rabies, particularly in the case that it wouldn’t live through the 10 day period. Animals only begin showing aggression once the virus has hit the brain, and after that have no longer than a ten day period left to live, in which time they will go through a series of progressively debilitating stages until they die. Supposing this doesn’t happen to your animal it will be returned to you after the 10 day period. However, I suggest you either keep your dog in doors, away from other people, or get it some training, or you may face charges in the future from the next person it attacks. If this becomes a regular pattern for your animal it will be decided that you aren’t able to responsibly care for it, in which case the animal will most definitely be confiscated and put down because it can’t be rehoused due to aggression.

    15. Jenny says:

      This isn’t your dogs fault- it’s yours. No, not all dogs bark at strangers. This is a very simple training issue that would have been completely prevented with proper socialization and training. Your dog may be euthanized for this unfortunate incident. I’m sorry he bit someone, but dogs that don’t do well with strangers are because they were rarely exposed to new people as a puppy. They bite out of fear because they see everything as a threat. There is no excuse for dogs attacking except that the owner never trained him. There isn’t much you can do since you didn’t do much to help your dog learn how to behave. If he isn’t euthanized, he may be deemed a "vicious" dog and may be required to stay in your house 24/7 if you are lucky.

    16. Clumsical of the !MC! Squad says:

      Your dog is aggressive, and should be taken away from you. Even if you love your dog, he can still hurt people. The law is the law, and when your dog attacks someone it will be taken away.

    17. Alexa says:

      I hate to tell you this and I’m not trying to be nasty. I feel for you I really do but there’s nothing you can do except co operate and tell them that he suffers from extreme separation anxiety which causes him to lash out. And not meaning this in an offensive way but it really is your own fault for not socialising him properly as a puppy and not training him properly. and yes if they think he is a danger to others then he will be put down as they can not be expected to risk their own safety when looking after him. Also most well socialised dogs dont bark at strangers because they are used to them. They should only bark if they sense that the stranger is a threat and should not just be seeing any person they dont know as a threat to them or you. Again, I’m really not trying to be mean and I hope he is ok. It might be an idea to get a ringbinder for all paperwork concerning your dog as you never know when you might need it.

    18. Fuzzyjubjub says:

      I don’t believe they can do anything too bad as long as your dog didn’t break the skin. Also, if the kid was asking for it, by coming right over, I don’t see what they could do.

    19. Screwed the Pooch says:

      Obviously if your dog BIT someone for NO reason then he’s not okay when you’re around. He’s not trained, not socialized and he’s a dangerous breed. Give him up to someone who can handle him.

    20. Ccridersuz says:

      What you are saying is that once you give him up, you know he is going to go for everybody. He only attacks when you are not there, don’t make me laugh.

      You are a cruel person, who because of your inaction will be held solely responsible for owning a dangerous dog, If you have had the dog since he was 7 weeks old, where is his health record? You have failed this dog and because of this he will be put down, because once out of your care he will be assessed and because you have failed to socialize him he will fail the assessment and be put down.

      You make me so mad it’s people like you that give the rest of us a bad name and I hope they take you to court and ban you from keeping dogs.

    21. Horse Lover says:

      The proof of rabies will not matter if he is vicious around them. He has already bit one person. If he bites another person or acts vicious they will deem him dangerous and put him down. You should have properly trained and socialized your dog.

    22. ladystang says:

      if vicious they will put him to sleep.
      sounds like you never had him trained.

    23. nosaj says:

      Your dog sounds poorly socialized and poorly trained.This is not common behavior for any dog of any breed.Fair or not your dog is going to be further scrutinized because of breed.

      In fact your dog acts in the complete opposite manner set forth in the breed standard-
      The APBT is not the best choice for a guard dog since they are extremely friendly, even with strangers. Aggressive behavior toward humans is uncharacteristic of the breed and highly undesirable.

      You contradict yourself by saying the dog only acts poorly when you’re not there but this incident occurred while you were there.

      If you get this dog back or before you get another dog of any breed,you need to become a better owner.You can’t continue to make excuses for a poorly trained and behaved dog.If it’s the dog itself that is unstable,he needs to be put down.

      It is up to the people who have the dog to make the final evaluation.This was an avoidable situation and you’ll have to live with whatever decision is made.

      This site will help you become a better APBT owner.

    24. hannahd says:

      if you cannot find the rabies and your dog is biting at them then they have no choice. you need to find those rabies. you didn’t properly socialize your dog which is why he bites at anyone but his family. its not the breed either. when dogs in the "bully breed" category are not properly socialized when they are younger they become aggressive to strangers as they grow… this is why people need to take this breed seriously when owning them. i really feel for your situation i do. but you also have to take responsibility for the fact that you didn’t properly socialize or train your dog when he was younger so now you have an antisocial monster that should not be out in public if hes attacking your own family. if you get him back, which i think you have a slim chance unless you find those papers or tags… you need to get him into a private training class asap or he will be put to sleep. im sorry to sound so forward but this is the reason pitbulls have such a bad reputation.

    25. x.x says:

      ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! What is wrong with you people?? It takes a certain type of person to look after a pit and if he’s already been aggressive and you haven’t taken him to a behaviourist you are obviously not a responsible pit owner. Get him a behaviourist in for gods sake, you could save his life as well as somebody else’s! And maybe find a more responsible pit owner to look after him. It would be a shame to see another pit die for the idiocy of the owners.