My Dog Ate A Pad…………………..?


My Shih Tzu (Nine Pounds) Ate A Kotex. She is throwing up and gagging. Will the beads that absorb the Liquid hurt her stomach? I am worried because I don’t want her to die. Any advice?

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    7 Responses to “My Dog Ate A Pad…………………..?”

    1. Kamryn Campbell says:

      Our dog jumped,pee’d and barked all at the wrong times. Sometimes very embarrassing. Our friend told us about and he is now perfect. yippee.

    2. Rylee Friel says:

      If it was used then it might get her sick.
      The beads may be absorbing all her food and making her throw it up.
      Get her to the vet as soon as possible.
      Don’t listen to someone who says that she’ll be fine, I mean they may be right, but you should still check with a professional first.
      Hope this helped and I hope your dog gets better.

    3. Jenny Manyteeth says:

      Contact your veterinarian AT ONCE. Such things can be poisonous.

    4. misercola letterman says:

      you should take her to see a veterinary,for health.

    5. Fraizie says:

      Yeah get to the vet. That doesn’t sound like something safe to digest, especially for a dog that small.

    6. .:Kimberly<3:. says:

      Hopefully it wasn’t a used one. Call your vet.

    7. Julie S says:

      You really really really need to go to the vet now. There are emergency clinics that are open 24 hours a day. They are everywhere. There is care credit if you cannot afford payment right now. I don’t know how to stress to you how much of an emergency you have right now. Your dog will die. The pad is doing what it was designed to do- it is absorbing fluid and expanding in her stomach, not allowing fluid or food to pass. The pad is blocking access to her intestines, anything she eats or drinks right now is going to come right back up. She will literally starve to death and dehydrate. Please don’t wait here until someone says "LOL pads are gross, she will be fine" because she won’t. Get to an emergency vet now, please, for the sake of your dogs life.