my dog ALWAYS seems hungry..hes a bottomless pit ^.^?


I have a 75 lb 19 month chow mix. he ALWAYS seems hungry even right after i feed him..
he currently is on Blue buffalo large breed fish and oatmeal recipe 4 cups a day which is on the high side for his weight class. starting tomorrow i will be starting the process of switching him to Blue wilderness salmon recipe ( he has really dry skin and the omega fatty acids really help combat that ) he also likes to swallow the food down whole when i put it he dose eat out of a slow feeder bowl from pet smart..anyways so my question is, how do i fill him up???

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    5 Responses to “my dog ALWAYS seems hungry..hes a bottomless pit ^.^?”

    1. Karen L says:

      Lots of dogs are like this. They will eat anything, any time. Ignore it. Feed him what he should have and ignore the looks.

    2. ms manners says:

      Most dogs act hungry all the time.

      If his weight is good, just give him something else to do with his mouth, like a chew toy or bone.

    3. Ahbean-Mama says:

      My 4-year old Cocker Spaniel is like that too, since 4 years ago.

      He is overweighed so I have to be cruel to control the amount very carefully. I feel bad every time he gives me this ‘hungry look’!!

      Some dogs just love food more than they should. Females particularlly have that problem. My friend’s Sheltie is never full.

    4. tera says:

      still feed the same amout but in smaller portions throughout the day i do it with my cat and it works really well. do like 4 meals so he’s eating the same just more often.

    5. Madison 3:16 Anderson Rhodes says:

      Dogs are like that. They will eat until they explode. My dog could eat a big meal for dinner (her own food) and beg for more until the sun comes up! Only give your dog what his weight class recommends. Don’t give him too much food and give him treats and bones throughout the day. Not too much, but just something to keep his stomach from getting too empty in between meals. I give my dog a couple of treats and she always has a bone laying around for her teeth. It keeps her occupied and her teeth healthy as well.