My cat is acting weird… She's mad/pouting… o.o;?


I was going into my room and she was on the rug, and then suddenly I slammed into her and tripped.
Now, she’s pouting. D:
She won’t look at me anymore, only for about 2 seconds then turn her head back.
She isn’t purring when I pet her….
She’s 2 and a half months old… I hope I didn’t hurt her D:
What do I do? I hope this isn’t a stupid question.
Thank you! 😀

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    4 Responses to “My cat is acting weird… She's mad/pouting… o.o;?”

    1. Yes Yes says:

      im sure its just a phase, like children. hope that doesnt sound too corny, lol.

    2. cat lover says:

      Well, just because she was laying where you could trip on her doesn’t mean you are allowed to trip on her. So she is making sure you know your place.

      Don’t worry, she will forgive you. She is busy right now trying to give you a guilt trip, and it seems to be working.

    3. Nicola says:

      just give her time i accidentally trapped my cats tail in the bedroom door and she wouldn’t come near me for a little while i just kept picking her up and saying sorry and now she is fine!!

    4. Catrina says:

      she’ll forgive you soon, when she gets hungry she will come to you, trust me (unless you arent the one who feeds her) idk, lol, good luck!

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