My cat brought in a wild baby bunny, HELP?

My cat brought in a wild baby bunny, HELP?


My cat brought us a baby bunny and luckily we saved it before he…. It’s a baby and we put him in a laundry basket with a large towel and he has made himself comfy. What do I feed him and how do I take care of him? Do I need to relase him or can I take care of him. He seems young enough to be able to get adjust to humans and adapt as a pet but I want to do what’s best. Please help!! Thanks

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    6 Responses to “My cat brought in a wild baby bunny, HELP?”

    1. dan148 says:

      Make sure it has water to drink,feed it carrots ,broccoli,fresh grass.Look on the net about what to feed it.Also put a litter tray out for it so it can defecate in their.Or just ring a vet explain what has happened .And ask them what you should do.

    2. Kitty Bed says:

      Just put it back outside. His mother is probably freaking out!

    3. listentocommonsense says:

      I would take it to the vet. They know what to do for it.

    4. Klzjkja Kljflksdj says:

      Rabit stew if he doesn’t survive 🙂

    5. Munchies are cool! says:

      well, get a siringe and feed it milk, every 2-3 hours a day, or take it too a vets were they have this sort of experience.

    6. ZHWEEBLENOFF says:

      If you see the mother around, try letting him outside, but be very careful if you try this (it might not be the mother). Depending on how old he is, he might be willing to eat lettuce, grass, etc. Try different things and see what he likes. Buy a rabbit cage and some bedding, give him things to rip up and reorganize (like newspaper), it’ll help him feel more safe.