My 65 lb has a slipped disk and must avoid stairs. Any ideas on carrying him to our walk up apt?

My 65 lb has a slipped disk and must avoid stairs. Any ideas on carrying him to our walk up apt?


My husband took our dog to the Vet today who said he likely has a slipped disk and must avoid stairs for 2 weeks. On days my husband is home, he can easily carry him to our 3rd floor apt, but, as he is 65 lbs, it is not so easy for me. As he works 24 hour shifts, there is no way I can "wait" for him to get home to take care of him. (The dog is well trained and would have to be desperate or ill to go inside / on paper.)

We can leave him with my in laws some, but I hate to stick them with a sick dog and to "kick him out" when he’s not feeling well.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to best manage this. I’ve thought of a crate which MIGHT help, but isn’t really ideal either. But other than that – I’ve got no ideas.

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    1. Snuggleroo says:

      Lift Weights 😉

    2. Sekkie says:

      I wish you luck with him.

      My previous dog was 85 lbs. He had a blood clot in his spine & lost control of his back legs. Until I was able to get his wheelchair, I used a towel to help him get around. You loop the towel around the belly, and use it like a handle. It will help him walk on level surfaces, I wouldn’t try this on stairs. The vet recommended this, and it worked great. It takes lots of stress off their body.

      I wouldn’t use a crate either. With a back injury he can have a hard time getting comfy & getting in and out. I would recommend blocking off one room, preferrably with a tile floor (for easy cleaning just in case). Use a low to the ground cushion or bunch of blankets for a bed. Keep the room as close as possible to the yard, or wherever he goes outside.

    3. melissa k says:

      Is the dog permitted to at least use his front legs on the stairs or put a bit of weight on his legs? If so, there are slings that can be used to support the dog and help him on stairs. Drs. Foster and Smith and other online pet supply retailers sell them.

      Have you asked the vet for suggestions? The vet has probably had other clients in the same situation and could have additional ideas.

    4. Mallory says:

      If you put him in a dog crate maybe you can get a neighbor to help you carry him up the stairs.

    5. star_gazer_9999 says:

      How do you think he’d do with a baby or doggie stroller?

    6. Darla G says:

      I’m surprised your vet didn’t suggest a harness that fits around his midsection and will help you support his weight, taking much of the strain off his back. If you can not get this thru your vet, try Ryan’s Pet Supply or PetEdge on line.
      We have a 12 year old Beagle who sustained a back injury as a young dog. It later developed into very painful arthritis. We give her a supplement called Excel TR that we purchased at PetSmart. It is a glucosamine supplement, it helps to replace the damaged cartilage. It is inexpensive and VERY effective and has given her a great deal of relief from the pain. You might consider discussing this with your vet, preventing pain is much better than having to treat it!!!!