Most people told me to get a rotti as opposed to other dogs any advice owners?


I am 15 years old I have a big yard and a built in kennel with a roof and air conditioning I go to school for 8 hours a day but when I come but it will play and train him everyday fetch frisby training etc… He will only be an outdoor dog and will not come in the house i. In Saudi Arabia so it gets very hot in the summer and very cold in the winter please answer btw I have a baby brother
And my sister has a cat…
If you wanna suggest another breed please do, And my sister has a cat…

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2 Responses to “Most people told me to get a rotti as opposed to other dogs any advice owners?”

  1. Makenna Moore says:

    Hey I see that you need some kind of guid that will give you tips and tricks to help your dog become fully trained and more healthy. Recently one of my friends really needed some advice on how to train his dog. He followed the dog training academy course to successfully have a fully trained dog in a few weeks.

  2. cody d says:

    A German Shepard if there is any there. Those are very friendly,and known to get along with cats. He must be a puppy in order to get along with the cats though. Than it will remember cats are okay when it gets bigger.

    They can withstand bad summers if you make sure to groom them before the heat comes,brush as well. Water too!!