MORE THAN freeman “Alfie’s Tale” Pet insurance advert

MORE THAN freeman “Alfie’s Tale” Pet insurance advert


Meet Alfie he’s not just a dog. He’s a good dog. The latest MORE THAN freeman advert (featuring Josh Robert Thompson) for MORE THAN pet insurance. To get a quote from MORE THAN visit: You can also visit MORE THAN freeman’s Facebook page or follow him on Twitter

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20 Responses to “MORE THAN freeman “Alfie’s Tale” Pet insurance advert”

  1. jackobendo1 says:

    I LOVE this advert! ahahahaha

  2. twistedtornado100 says:

    I just met alfie when i was walking down the road!!!!! not lying!!!! his owner lives where i live!!!!!!!

  3. twistedtornado100 says:

    I just met alfie when i was walking down the road!!!!! not lying!!!!

  4. L4DRULZ1 says:

    I keep thinking he says Gordon Freeman… Epsode 3 will provale!

  5. BS15RED says:

    Reminds me of my Basset who sadly passed away four years ago, he’s lovely.

  6. ehcmier says:

    @johncas1 Josh Robert Thompson is lip-syncing to his own voice. He does a great Morgan Freeman impression. He started doing it on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, and it’s become increasingly popular.

  7. johncas1 says:

    is there a voiceover or dose the person in the add actuallly speak himself

  8. Dsurvivor21stCentury says:

    I thought the narrating voice sounded familiar, and when he said “I’m More Than Freeman” I couldn’t stop laughing!!

  9. TypeOfGirl1 says:

    This is my favourite advert!! MoreThan Freeman is a legend!!! And I have Basset Hound so it’s nice to see them back on the telly 😀

  10. fifielcoolio says:

    go on the bh!!!!!!!!

  11. thewilma100 says:

    Alfie looks just like my basset hound, WIlma! x

  12. tomstutorials says:

    I love these adverts, the only adverts i dont change the channel on lol

  13. billyboblingwa1 says:

    @smileyfacepresents 😮 i’m scared ……….but quite amused

  14. silverdice22 says:

    i’m subbed to adds >.>

  15. billyboblingwa1 says:

    @smileyfacepresents eww no beastiality is wrong… 🙂

  16. FluffyMutt says:

    Yeah, the puppy dog’s cute too. 🙂

  17. FluffyMutt says:

    JRT is so freaking hot!

  18. Tozzywozzy01 says:

    Love you Alfie! <3

  19. 1ChrisJudge says:

    Alfie -what a legend!

  20. easyworship says:

    Brilliant once again, just gets better like natures wild honey. Your MoreThan Freeman, thank you for sharing