Mini dachshund stuck on the stairs


Maggie moo is not a big fan of the stairs.

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    25 Responses to “Mini dachshund stuck on the stairs”

    1. windyrec says:

      Stairs are not good for Daschunds – it puts too much strain on their backs.

    2. happyyo1 says:

      is so cute but my lily is cuter

    3. angolobecket says:

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    4. LaceFX says:

      omg shes soo skinny!……then again my doxie is kinda chubby so I wouldn’t know what they are supposed to look like

    5. MrWaeseL says:

      (s)he’s right. Dachshunds should never be allowed to descend stairs because it wreaks havoc on their backs, which are weaker than normal due to their unusual length

    6. franchani says:

      she is so cute…my duchshund too he s scared of the stairs…he just stops in the middle and i have to do get him otherwise he won’t move!!!!

    7. TheTwilightfan21 says:

      well no just dont push her dachshunds have delecet backs ! (no offense)

    8. msgloriaa says:

      hahah cute!

    9. h6oib says:

      Dachshund don’t have to go up the stairs
      You have to carry them

    10. dancr4life394 says:

      yup yup yup …. unfortunatly for most doxies there favorite thing to do it jump haha

    11. courtz58 says:

      sure just push it down the stairs… nice work…

    12. Stradivarius12506 says:

      Get her nail’s clipped, it would be easier for her to get down.

    13. cato58 says:

      I don’t let my doxy climb stairs, or jump up on anything – it’s bad for their backs.

    14. Animalabusesucks1990 says:

      how are they going to get up to their humans that are upstairs?

    15. Animalabusesucks1990 says:

      u mean can’t? and couldn’t? ur confusing me spikerdoodle! lol guessing english is not ur best subject.

    16. AlwaysPaintBallin says:

      ROFL! mine does the same thing, he runs half way up the stairs and sits there XD

    17. goddess2him says:

      OMG that is sooo cute…..I hardly ever comment but I couldn’t help it on this one!!!!

    18. nawalski07 says:

      Cute dog. I remember when i first bought my dog.She now a grown up.

    19. mooie76 says:

      Same here.

    20. diarrheablues says:


    21. diarrheablues says:

      Those short little legs probably can’t make it until they grow… about an inch. XD

    22. bboystailfish says:

      its true, when the dog is little it can fuck up its back by going up the stairs

    23. 4idior says:

      this video was good


    24. hollysabella says:

      my weiner charlie won’t go down, only up stairs.

    25. Coco84XxX says:

      Haha sweet

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