Michael Konowalski live interview about Dog Food diet


Contact: Michael Konowalski The Choice Project www.thechoiceprojectmovie.com MAN STARTS DOG FOOD DIET TO PROVE POINT ABOUT HEALTHY LIFESTYLE CHOICES January 2011 Las Vegas, Nevada- As of January 3, 2011, Michael Konowalski, a Las Vegas local, has started what he calls an “organic dog food diet” in which he will eat nothing but organic dog bones and food. The diet will go on for 30 days or more and is part of The Choice Project, a documented food challenge Mr. Konowalski created in January 2010 to prove that lifestyle changes are the most effective way of gaining or losing good health. Mr. Konowalski says his reason for eating dog food is because he is trying to prove a point on how unhealthy Americans eat today. “It’s a concept to make people realize that the dog food I’m eating is actually better than the standard American diet.” He believes no certain pill or diet is the answer to being healthy but rather a choice to change in the way one lives. Mr. Konowalski started the first installment of his choice project when he went from being fit and eating healthy to “letting himself go” by eating anything he wanted, including fast food and performing limited to no exercise. He quickly became out of shape and continued living that way for 11 months. It was followed by the second installment – a month dieting on only double cheeseburgers with extra mayonnaise. After 3 days into the third and final installment – the dog food diet – Mr. Konowalski has already lost 7 pounds and

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