Max being bad


This is our 9 week old Yorkshire terrier. We put him in the laundry room so he learns to use the puppy pad when we aren’t home. Somehow he kept getting out. So i Set up video to catch him in the act, and couldn’t believe what I saw when we watched it. BAD PUPPY, but smart as hell!!

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    25 Responses to “Max being bad”

    1. AmReeHink says:

      All I can say about these comments is a sarcastic: WOW!

    2. 05smooney says:

      @americangirdolllover no video camera can follow motion like that, unless you pay thousands are your either apart of a security form or a hardcore nature photographer.

    3. americangirdolllover says:

      @05smooney unless its a camera that rotates when it senses movement. i have one of them.

    4. Sunshine779Tv says:

      @filup003 BTW U CUD GO IN JAIL!!!! FOR YEARS!!!!

    5. Sunshine779Tv says:

      We Are Not Dumb! We Just Care About The Puppy and that actually shows we have a heart!!!!!! BTW :filup003 Eating Dogs Is Animal Torture So I Dont Think Your Gonna Get Away With It Very Long!! Next Time You Skin 0r Eat A Dog Or Whatever You Should Think To Urself Actually Wat THe Hell Are You Doing!!!??? Piss Off! DOGS RULE 4LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    6. angelarocks015 says:

      your just standing there. just there? -.-

    7. Ursula135 says:

      @undchick2169 indeed they are

    8. Ursula135 says:

      @michaelllka1 wow try reading the video description next time :/

    9. nana19951 says:

      if it ever does that again it migit fall and if it does then u dont now how to take care of dogs

    10. 05smooney says:

      @undchick2169 that explains the camera moving then, because cameras just move by them selves dont they…. EPIC FACPALM

    11. undchick2169 says:

      People, if you read the information about the video you would realize that the people were not home when this happened. They SET UP A CAMERA to figure out how he was ESCAPING WHILE THEY WERE AWAY!!!!!!!!!!! SOME OF YOU ARE SUCH IDIOTS!!!!!

    12. filup003 says:


    13. khk0510 says:

      have fun having a dog with terrible joint problems. remember dogs dont have limbs and joints like cats to absorb shocks like that.

    14. sophiegayle says:

      you could have helped him down?

    15. ThehomeofJayda says:

      mY dog (A maltese) used to do that too! He hould climb his cage door, climb the playpen wall onto the couch and jump off.

    16. ThehomeofJayda says:

      read the description. You saying that without reading makes you look like the idiot.

    17. silvershan says:

      sometimes people just don’t think how many times do we all watch a video and start yelling at someone to put down the camera and do something we all think we should have the common sense to do? Next time if they wanted to let their Yorkie climb and video it they should pad the area with pillows and realize not only are they risking injury to their dog but that baby gates are no longer a barrier option…geniuses!

    18. glittergabber says:

      @theirishking234 yeah well if you weren’t there then why was the camera moving, huh?

    19. DansSouthernBelle says:

      looked as if the dog jumped when the owner got closer to it. chill out people. They said it has dont that a few times b4…..that dog knew what it was doing.

    20. mylifeinrome7 says:

      you were there recording that video and did not helped the poor dog??? and who left the poor doggie in that tiny space ??? oh my god some people just dont deserve to have dogs or any kind of animals

    21. nunuk15 says:

      I agree with most and if this was set up wen they were out how did the camera zoom in on it wen it fell??

    22. punkgurl1211 says:

      what a cute puppy…u should be careful with him/her, it could get hurt climbing that :((


      But the dog had done it before. The dog had obviously gotten out of that situation safely before, which was why they made this video in the first place…

    24. SusannTx says:

      I agree….this was a stupid thing to do. That dog could have easily broken a leg or a vertebrae.

    25. anonwillprevail247 says:

      u dont deserve a dog!