Let’s Play Picross 3D (JAP) Part 1


I’m back! A game that’s not released in the US. Picross 3D is a fun challenge to all those Picross DS fans. In this part, I tell you the basics of the game. Puzzles Completed: 3 1-A = Letter T 1-B = Stairs 1-C = Mobile (Cell) Phone

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    15 Responses to “Let’s Play Picross 3D (JAP) Part 1”

    1. scootercat123 says:

      hey biendo, i know that you got halfway through level 1 and i was wondering if you were gunna finish level 1 and then continue with your vidioes and the levels,

    2. therandomcolor says:

      i know how to play Picross 3D i have it in my ds

    3. pickachoa says:

      i dont like picross ds but you know whats weird? its easier for ME to learn picross 3d for some reason i like picross 3d O.O

    4. Zemagris says:

      as im watching this, i sit here holding my ds….with picross 3d running in it :p

    5. raidersk8er9 says:

      hey its out in the USA Now, i bought it yesterday for my moms , mom- day gift,

    6. heysupable says:

      somewhat just like mineswiper…

    7. PaulaPithon37 says:

      How did you get the PC game?

    8. iampepheb says:

      where did you get it from?

    9. wfolse1 says:

      words cannot express how excited I am for this. I loooooooove picross ds.

    10. simpleton7 says:

      “Anything below is part of it’s row, or such”

      No, we do not know what you mean.

    11. platinumski says:

      I love picross ds… and I love this game even more <3 to those who liked logic-kind of puzzles, you'll surely love it 😀

    12. nifer63 says:

      i am using a ds emulator and i just searched for it and it gave me the best one (the one i’m using is probably from rapidshare

    13. Biendeo says:

      Two things:
      1. What emulator are you using?
      2. What site did you get the ROM from?

    14. nifer63 says:

      hey biendeo, i know how to getb this game working on my DS emulator but i can’t see the puzzle clues on the blocks. can you show me if i have downloaded it for the right emulator

    15. D0CCON says:

      a liiiitle overkill on the stuff that doesn’t matter much