Leopard Gecko can't shed her skin and it looks like she has toes missing?!?

Leopard Gecko can't shed her skin and it looks like she has toes missing?!?


I have recently bought 2 leos, Samba and Lecko…and I absolutely adore them…I have already had to report the shop I bought them from as I found out the 2 leos were underweight and malnurished, the pet store hadn’t been dusting their crickets, and only feeding them once a week, and putting vegetables in their terrarium instead of insects the rest of the week (I don’t get it either) I bought them as a full set up, including the heat mat, lighting, terriarium etc…I knew the habitat was FAR too small, but he wouldn’t sell them separately. (It measures 30cm x 30cm x 30cm)
Anyway, I noticed the temp. in the terrarium while they were in the shop never went above 80 degrees.
My smaller gecko, Lecko has always had shed left on her toes, and I’ve tried everything to get it off, it’s on way too tight though, she has already lost all the toes on one of her back legs, and there is about 3 that are black/purple and look as though they’re about to fall off. She has just started to shed again, but the skin is just sitting on her, she’s physically unable to even start to pull the loose skin off, what can I do for her?
I’ve already soaked her today, as she had loose shed over her eye, which got moved, but is now back again. Am I right to be worried about her?
(Sorry about the long question, I’m just new to reptiles)
…P.S…Please don’t give me lectures about how I should research before I buy these things, I did, but there was very little said about shedding reptiles…So useful answers only, please?
Yeah, she has a moist box full of sphagnum moss (if that’s how you spell it!?) and the back wall of the terrarium has a sort of rough-foam like background (it’s just polystyrene made to look like a rock)

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One Response to “Leopard Gecko can't shed her skin and it looks like she has toes missing?!?”

  1. Aiko says:

    If she is having that much of a difficulty you may need to help her. Use a moist Q-tip to gently massage the skin after giving her a good soak. Is there anything in the tank she can rub against? You may need to soak and help her to shed every time if this continues. Just be very careful helping remove the skin, if there’s any resistance stop, you don’t want to damage the new skin.