le bistro water feeder for dogs?

le bistro water feeder for dogs?


i bought this http://www.petco.com/product/110438/Petmate-Le-Bistro-Waterer-in-Planet-Blue.aspx?CoreCat=certona-_-productdetail_2-_-Petmate%20Le%20Bistro%20Waterer%20in%20Planet%20Blue-110438

for my dog today and it doesnt work. you fill the water bottle, and theres a hole at the bottom, and the water doesnt stay in and just floods out. am i missing something?

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3 Responses to “le bistro water feeder for dogs?”

  1. TK says:

    I have a water dish like that. When the water level in the open dish is level with the water level in the enclosed side, then it stops coming out of the bottle. The bottle has to be firmly settled in the base and the rim has to be snapped in place so the bottle side is airtight.

  2. Rosalie says:

    You need to fill the bottom dish with water too, put your finger over the mouth of the bottle, and put it in the slot. The water stays in the bottle because there is more in the dish already, just as if you were using a siphon.

  3. ✯Love✯ is a GSD *Please re-add!* says:

    Did you purchase the feeder instead of the waterer? They have one to give water, that has just a small hole, and then one that gives food, and it has a large opening.

    If it IS the waterer, and the water is just pouring out and you are sure it is secure in the base, then it is defective and you should return it.